The 7 things that are really annoying me today

Some things are annoying me today. I have been having a fat day for the last few days. I have even written a post about this called 7 ways to fix a fat day. Some days I wake up and feel really blah. Blah blah blah. There could be many reasons why I feel blah today, so I thought I would share them with you.

1. My undies are too tight and are very uncomfortable

I know, I’m sorry to over-share like this, but you know how it is! I am not a fan of wearing underwear. I always, always have to wear a bra because I have big knockers and it’s uncomfortable not to but I do not like to wear underpants. However, I have recently started to do this and I feel that my life has improved. However, on days that I am feeling pestered, a pair of undies makes me feel more constricted.

2. It is windy

Ugh. IT is really windy in Sydney today. Being an air sign, I get really annoyed if there is too much wind. When I was young and dumb, I lived on the Gold Coast in Australia, this is sort of like Australia’s answer to Los Vegas or Jersey Shore. It is where you will find sun, surf, sand and plenty of blonde, tanned chicks, drunk dudes and car enthusiasts. I lived right on the beach which was nice, but too windy. I came to really hate the wind as it was a battle to get out of my house every morning. I felt like I was on the edge of the earth.

3. I had a bad night’s sleep

Blergh. I miss The Boyf when he is not at home with me and often I wake up drowsy and wonder where he is. I sleep a lot better with someone next to me, and many of us are the same. I have one dear girlfriend who used to get extremely anxious sleeping on her own. I think she was able to sort out the issue after some counselling which made her stronger. I have a male friend who used to be anxious at night but he had a good reason as his house has previously been broken in to. I am tough, so I don’t worry about it. Plus I own nothing valuable and I bite when scared.

4. My muffin was stale

Despite being constantly told by people that I am on death’s door because of my food choices, I still enjoy my McMuffin every morning. However, today it was stale and dry and served to me by a cashier that asked me too many questions and had a broken coke machine. These first world problems can really bring you down.

5. One of my friends is being annoying

It’s one I don’t see very often who I have previously written about. The post was how to deal with hurtful insults from someone you love. This person is constantly on my case about not being a good enough friend. I have loads of responsibilities at the moment, including family responsibilities so I don’t appreciate being pressured by someone who should know better.

6. I have bad hair

Well, it’s not that bad today but it’s not that great either. Paired with my jeans and boring shirt, I am not happy with my hair today. Plus as it is so windy – the hair is even worse. Bleeeeeergh – I hate having bad hair.

7. I am not feeling very creative

Grumpy, grouchy and blurry. That is how I am feeling today. I have lots of work to do (as always) and lots of people to see (as always) but I am not feeling like doing it because I am so grumpy. My head hurts a bit too. I don’t really need you to feel sorry for me – but thanks if you do. I’ll be OK. It’s hard to be creative every day and my work pretty much calls for that. Yesterday I couldn’t sleep very well because I couldn’t decide which I preferred:

Do’s and don’ts


Dos and don’ts

Technically, the second one is correct but it bothered me for hours yesterday. HOURS. OK –that’s enough out of me. Thanks for taking the time to read this post!

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  1. October 29, 2013

    So let’s recap: your undies are too tight and your muffin is stale.

    I would be annoyed too! 🙂

    (I’m being a punk.)

    But really, sounds like a classic case of PMS. At least, this all sounds like me when I have PMS- in which am completely intolerable to be around- scary, scary, bitchy- me with PMS. I cry (and cry and cry) and am a complete emotional wreck during those days. Reeeeeally bad.

    But then it passes and I wonder WTF is wrong with everybody?! 😉

    About that friend- better you than me, because I’m notoriously odd and when I don’t want to be bothered (by anybody- even by my good friends). I won’t take their calls, will hide in my bedroom hoping they go away- bolt the curtains down- creep around my house like a total freak and feel totally relieved when I see them driving away. Yep. They know this about me. (Sometimes I just want the whole world to go away.) So, I don’t think that concerned friend of yours could hang with me- at all. And because I’m super anal about typos (and I know you are too…heheh) toO should be tO in line 3 of the “tight underwear” section. You’re welcome. :0)

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