What Makes a Man Hot? The Definitive List

Men. Blokes. Dudes. Bros. I love ‘em and I hate ‘em… but mostly I find them irresistible, provided they play by my rules (ok this has never happened to date, but I remain staunchly optimistic!). Recently, I uncovered an old diary where I listed what I find attractive and unattractive in a man, and since I broke down my body parts in this blog yesterday, I thought I should reveal what I find attractive in the un-fairer sex.


A disclaimer: It’s what’s inside that is most important – please remember that!


  • Manly features: I do not like guys who are ‘pretty’.
  • Strong arms and shoulders
  • Tall: but not freak-tall
  • Good teeth and hair
  • Clean and nice-smelling
  • Well dressed but NOT a fashion victim or a guy who ‘cares’ too much
  • Someone who is not too thin and not at all fat or overweight
  • I love a good jaw-line and strong chin too
  • I love sideburns especially, but moustaches and beards are also awesome
  • Guys who buy you jewellery – (look, I am not a materialistic person, but I am a hopeless romantic. Despite stereotyping, jewellery is no more expensive than other necessities of life such as shelter, food, travel and medical bills, it’s all about priories. Yes, I am serious).
  • Men in uniform: Oh men in uniform – how do I love thee? I recently read an article with five sexiest jobs for men and women, and ‘soldier’ was at the top for sexiest male. ‘Tradesman’ was number three. For women, ‘student’ was number five on the list, which I found surprising and denigrating, but I have been assured by several male friends that for a woman, ‘student’ is an appealing ‘profession’.
  • Men who can speak another language – Greek, Hungarian, Cantonese – whatever you can speak – speak it to me! I love other languages and I think people who are bilingual are so clever and sexy.
  • There was actually one more thing on my list, but in the interest of retaining this blog’s M-rating, I will forego mentioning it here.

So what’s on my ‘dislikes’ list? I could say for a fact that I have without exception dated guys who have displayed every one of these perceived ‘negative’ traits. Honestly, if you are shorter than me, I can deal with it. If you have bad teeth, I could probably get over it. Girly hands? Well, that’s not your fault – have you seen my ankles? But smelling bad – there is no excuse!



  • Girly hands
  • Guys with no bottom (or a really flat one)
  • Skinny guys
  • Guys who smell bad
  • Guys who wear makeup and girls’ clothes (even as a joke!)
  • Guys who don’t know how to dress
  • Guys who care about fashion too much
  • Bad teeth
  • Guys who don’t pay
  • Shorter than me

Well, this is a bit of a silly post really, but it’s been a while since I created a good old-fashioned list. I think creating lists can be a great way of working out your priorities, although I should say that I never judge a book by its cover. However, now that I am in my thirties I have a very good idea of what I like and what I do not.

Do you have any things which are deal-breakers for you? What do you think of my list?

Photo by Ronan_tlv: thank you


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