Wedding To Do List: Planning the Perfect Wedding

How to come up with an essential wedding to do list

What should go on your wedding to do list? If you are planning for your wedding, it is likely that you are wondering where to begin. This is a common feeling, and it makes sense if you are a little nervous about the outcome, just because it’s one of the biggest days of your life and requires so much planning (and often with so many stakeholders!) With the right approach and a good understanding of what you will need to do, you should find that you can easily make it exactly the wedding you are hoping for.

Throughout the entire process, it’s a good idea to remember the thing that really matters most of all – yourself. As long as you are happy with the results, then you know you are on the right track. Let’s look at some of the ways you can ensure that the wedding is true to yourself. Here’s how to make a killer to do list for your wedding – and where to start with this mammoth task.

Wedding To Do List: Planning the Perfect Wedding

Think about your wedding personality

It’s not a bad idea to begin the process by considering what kind of a person you are, and trying to make that relate to the day in question. More than any other day, your wedding should be about you and reflect your wedding personality. Most often, you will want your personality to be able to shine through in some way, so it’s likely to help if you stop and consider what aspects of your personality you’d like to get across.

This might be harder than you think; many people struggle with coming to terms with who they “really” are, and what they want to authentically represent. Asking for opinions from those close to you who know you very well could be a good way to approach this, as could working closely with your partner to discuss the same issues.

Before you begin, factor this into your “to do” list wedding planning. As long as you make the effort to get to know yourself and your partner well, you will find that the wedding day to do list becomes more in line with your own tastes, and that will mean that you enjoy it a lot more. It’s your big day! Your personality should feature in all elements of your wedding to do list. If you were a flower, what would you be? If you and your partner were a colour – what would that be?

Don’t forget the little details on your wedding to do list

Your wedding to do list should be really detailed. You need to consider all the smaller elements of getting hitched. You might be wondering how you can possibly make sure your wedding is true to yourself. The best thing to do is to break things down into ‘elements’ – the invites, the venue, the guests, the ceremony, the decorations, the flowers and everything in between – then work out the details of each one of these in turn, delegating where you can.

Look at all the tiny details of the day, and make sure that they are reflective of what you see in yourself. You need to be sure you are happy with the smaller details, otherwise you can’t readily expect to be happy with the larger project, so this is more important than it might originally seem to be.

A good place to start with is the invitations, as these are among the first things you will need to consider. In order to create truly personal DIY wedding invites, you will need to know what kind of theme the wedding will have, and that means already knowing a lot about yourself. You can see how it’s beneficial to have a good grasp of your core theme early on. Getting the invitations to reflect who you are and what the day will be is a great start – this will mean that you are on the right path. It’s the little details on your wedding to do list that you need to carefully think about in the early stages of planning.

Have a plan but don’t be afraid to change things as you go

For any wedding to be planned successfully, you need to treat it like any other project and have a plan which you are happy to stick to but never become so rigid that a small element changing will throw you right off. Flowers you love not in season? Pick something else. DJ you wanted booked somewhere else? Find a replacement!

The truth is that weddings often take more planning than you imagine, and it catches people out frequently. However, as long as you are keen to build a strong plan you should find that it really helps in keeping the day true to yourself, and that is the most important thing of all.

Spend as much time on the plan as you need to, as this will inform the future of the wedding more than you might realise. If you know you can trust your plan enough to stick with it, but be brave enough to be a bit more relaxed, your wedding to do list will be easier to compile. Also, you will have much greater confidence in the wedding’s likelihood to succeed. Your wedding to do list might often change – this is OK!

Don’t be afraid to ask for help and learn to delegate!

Designing a day which is true to you does not mean that you have to shun all help. In fact, if you want it to be as easy and straightforward a possible you should probably take on board any help that is being offered to you. You will need someone to give you a helping hand in the run up to the day, even if it is only on the day itself, so don’t be afraid to reach out and ask for it.

Planning a wedding is tough work, and everyone needs a helping hand from time to time. There’s no shame in that. Just make sure that you do not allow your vision for the day to become overshadowed by those whose day it isn’t. Allow yourself the freedom of sticking with your ideas, even if others disagree. You don’t need to follow anyone else’s way, so don’t pretend that you do. This will absolutely lead to a happier wedding which you enjoy so much more. Your wedding to do list should include everyone you rely on and have proper tasks delegated early on.

How to Come Up With An Essential Wedding To Do List
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How to Come Up With An Essential Wedding To Do List
How do you go about putting together an effective wedding to do list? Follow this simple guide before you begin your essential wedding planning.
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