How to Tell Your Fortune with Playing Cards

Did you know that playing cards have meanings that can be interpreted and divined? Tell Your Fortune with Playing Cards the easy way with guidance from this post. It’s really not that difficult when you get the hang of it – and these cards can have deep meanings for you. I often find playing cards lying […]

How to Develop Your Intuition (and Why You Should!)

What is intuition? Intuition is one of our spiritual faculties. We all know about our regular faculties: these are the five senses. We use our five senses to gain information about the world. Likewise, we can use our “higher faculties” to gather information about our world, including the physical, spiritual and emotional. We all have […]

5 Parents Who Should be Doing Yoga

Parents: they come in all shapes and sizes but the one thing they have in common is busyness! There just aren’t enough hours in the day to do everything, let alone take a few minutes to stand in ‘pose of a tree’. The experts agree – yoga is something you should be doing. 15 million […]

How to Spot an Emotional Vampire in 10 Steps

Emotional vampires: I have one in my life. I have been one. I see them every day. What are the signs that one of your nearest and dearest is sapping the life out of you? If you know an emotional vampire, I am sorry for you. But how can you be sure? Well, I have […]

The One Trick I am Using to Stop My Negative Thoughts from Destroying Me | Put Yourself First

The One Trick I am Using to Stop My Negative Thoughts from Destroying Me

I have this problem. At night when I go to bed, my mind is filled with self-admonishing thoughts: I run though my day and any mistakes I’ve made become amplified, and I fixate on what I might have done differently. My thoughts aren’t just reserved for what I did wrong that particular day, sometimes I […]

He Doesn’t Believe in Horoscopes

Even though we’re the same star sign. He thinks it’s a fad To place too much value on tiny little dots. I think that it’s fun To torture myself, worrying About what could happen tomorrow. I don’t even need to look at the sky It’s all in the newspaper Posted using Tinydesk blog app