My Monster Moon Move: Part Two

I had to write another post, reflecting on this Monster Moon. Last night was the last night my partner and I slept in the same house, this morning the movers came and took his piano away – meaning he is also gone for good. A few days ago I wrote a post about my partner and I splitting, during this heavy, heavy Monster Moon.

And the move came with (of course!) a very sad ‘last’ song, written on said piano, last ever to be written in ‘my’ (formerly ‘our’) apartment.

So the Monster Moon has come in, and it has torn us apart. We were not focused as a couple, we were fighting. We were in pain. This shit happens. People break up every day.

Monster Moon shaking up relationships that are going nowhere


Molly Hall wrote about the effects of the Monster Moon in Global Light Minds: “This Full Moon, some can pay a heavy price for coasting (‘resting on laurels’), and ignoring the need for change. Or there’s a flash of what’s possible — a reward — for taking the reins and asserting your will.”

He and I have been so unhappy for a long time now, so it was time to change things up. Personally, I feel like I have been through an emotional war – with myself! My heart is so bruised and battered, it’s a wonder I can even stand. I haven’t been eating or sleeping well, and I also had a couple of bouts of unexpected nausea, very unusual for me.

My little heart longs for a happy ending for this Moon

Jonathon Cainer speaks about the Monster Moon too: ‘And they all lived happily ever after…’ or so the story goes… real life never carries that kind of guarantee. I can’t promise you a happy-ever-after, but I can predict a distinct improvement in your situation.

So my partner and I may not get a happy ending together, but I feel confident that we have at least given each other a respectful ending. There were tears, but on the whole over the last few days we have been embracing the moon energy and riding the waves of our own emotions, and have managed to stop tearing each other apart.

Things have come to a head under the Monster Moon

The Libra Full Moon chart suggests things coming to a head. Full Moons are harvest time, and with Libra comes in the instincts of the Judge. There can be a great re-balancing, with brave acts that flip the story drastically. This is not a time to provoke an “enemy” or pull a power move — it could backfire big time.

Monster Moon has put things in fast motion

My partner and I have been stuck, and this Monster Moon has put things in motion for us. Hall writes: This could be the moment to overcome inertia. To bravely move with the energies of life, freedom, physical vitality and creative risks. It’s a tipping point moment, of action, to forge ahead fully engaged in the moment.

Our relationship has not withstood the test of the Moon

Which is a good thing, I think. Oddly, he moved his piano in during the last Monster Moon, around September 29th, 2012. There will be one more Monster Moon, I think in early October, 2013. I guess both of us are actually unsure as to whether we wish to continue on at all, and we need some space to work this out.

Over the last week I have cried, I have yelled, I have writhed and I have crumbled. I feel like I truly know now what it means to be human. I have felt every emotion possible for me, and still, I am standing! It’s incredible! To think that we can take so much, and to still go on!

Read this amazing Monster Moon poem from Farnarcler. He or she describes exactly what I have been going through. It’s a wonder that I haven’t torn off my own skin!

What will happen next, oh poor little heart?


Hall gives a few suggestions of what might be in store next: It’s also the astro weather of a relationship being tested — how solid is it? What’s been repressed or denied is confronted. This can be ultimately freeing, even if events happen that seem devastating in the short term.

I do feel devastated, but in a good way. These changes are a necessary part of life and I feel some relief in at least now the bandaid has been pulled off, I can begin to heal.

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