Working too fast and making lots of mistakes? Here’s how to fix your life!

Do you ever feel like you are working at a million miles a minute? That you don’t have time to check things properly and take the time you should for projects? You’re not alone. The pace of modern life has gotten so quick. Many of us feel that we are expected to check our emails […]


Things men do that turn women off: how to flirt effectively

Do you turn women off when you talk to them? Do ladies give you a wide berth? Are you trying to date people but keep striking out? Could it be your technique that’s the problem? Far too often men do things that inadvertently turn women off. Usually these things are easy enough to rectify with […]

How to take criticism well and learn from it

You’ve been excelling at your job for months or years, working hard and doing your job to the best of your ability. Then it happens – you get called into your manager’s office and he or she delivers a scathing report of your recent work. Getting criticised on the job is never fun but some […]

8 things you can do to make you more attractive to the opposite sex

We all want to be appealing to the opposite sex, unless you’re gay, in which case you’re probably wanting to be more attractive to the same sex. My point is – everyone wants to impress somebody. We all know that surgery is an option, expensive clothes are littering the windows of every nearby store and […]

How to feel more beautiful – 10 easy ways

Look at you! You are simply stunning. I could just eat you right up! It’s OK if you are not feeling 100% – some days we all feel like that. One of my Facebook friends recently wrote a gorgeous post which inspired this blog post. She delightfully said: “I recently received a PM complaining/telling me […]

How to recover from a recent trauma

I’m really sorry you had to go through that – I really am. From what I know about you, you didn’t deserve it and it was probably in some way unexpected. But that’s OK – in life, these traumas are thrown at us to make us stronger and to build our characters, In this case, […]

Learning to compromise with your spouse: the 7 essential steps

He wants the bathroom window left closed, I want it left open. He wants extra shelves in the bedroom, I want extra drawers. He likes heavy forks and knives, I like light, thin ones that bend when you try to use them. I, of course, and the one in the right, and he, of course, […]

Why have I been defriended on Facebook?

For the vast majority of us on Facebook, the platform can be a great place to meet new people, stay connected with old friends and keep in touch with our loved ones. Even though most of us don’t “keep count” of our Facebook friends, having them there can give us a sense of reassurance. That […]

Not all a bed of roses: the unique challenges of age-gap relationships

So what? People are saying of Stephen Fry’s 30 years age gap with his fiancée, Elliot Spencer. As someone who at one time had a preference for older blokes, I feel that I should weigh in here. It is, in fact, quite rare, to see relationships with a greater than 20 year age gap. In […]

Shopping online for love: the problems of dating with Tinder

These days we are used to getting everything almost instantly – even waiting for an app to download or a screen to unfreeze can cause actual anxiety and frustration. Each year, things are moving faster and the pace of life increases. Looking back to the early nineties it was hard to imagine a world where […]

How to argue with people: real life, trolling, the internet & social media the top 10 rules

Sometimes we don’t agree. I am a typical Libran – the star sign that likes to keep the peace. Arguments always upset me and I am your typical “people pleaser” I hate to disappoint and cause a stir. I am also a “first child” which means I like to do the right thing. But every […]

Eminem’s feud with Iggy Azalea is totally sexual harassment

Eminem says that he wants to sexually harass Iggy Azalea. In fact, he said it much worse, he actually mentions that he wants to rape her. Which is shocking. I have no idea where all this rape culture news has come from lately. Eminem says in the lyrics of his song: “So what’s it gon’ […]

FOMO and the 8 reasons friends unfollow you on Facebook

Smugness. We see it on Facebook all day – people posting their greatest achievements, looking proud and cluttering our feeds – making us feel inefficient. We’ve all heard of FOMO now – Fear Of Missing Out. In today’s age this is a real worry and many people actively switch off social media when they feel […]

Do men like women with plastic surgery?

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you would have heard of Kim and Kanye. Kim Kardashian is one of the most well-known women on the planet and is regarded by many as “naturally beautiful.” She has never admitted openly to having plastic surgery although there is lots of speculation about whether she has or […]