How to feel more beautiful – 10 easy ways

Look at you! You are simply stunning. I could just eat you right up! It’s OK if you are not feeling 100% – some days we all feel like that. One of my Facebook friends recently wrote a gorgeous post which inspired this blog post. She delightfully said:

“I recently received a PM complaining/telling me to stop writing such frivolity as what scents I’ve used in the shower, how I smell delicious etc. All of the above is true and I stand by my right to write ridiculously fanciful and playful statuses. <wink emoticon>

So <name> this one’s for you, I just had the most incredible shower in honeycomb and macaroon shower products. I then applied lashings of vanilla and chocolate scented body cream. And rounded it all off with a dusting of vanilla powder. I paused for a moment to marvel at how lustrously luscious I am.

I AM edible. Put that in your pipe and smoke it.”

How wonderful is that? This delightful creature certainly feels gorgeous and emanates this lustrous feeling from every pore! In honour of her delightful post, I thought I would give you ten quick ways to feel more beautiful.


It’s a fact, smiling makes you much more beautiful. As well as that, it may even make you look younger. “A new study showed that when people looked at photos of happy faces, they guessed the age of the person in the photo as younger than in photos of the same person with a neutral or angry expression,” says Web MD.

Talk to a friend

My friends always cheer me up when I feel down. It’s important to keep friends close to you as they help us to live happy and well balanced lives. If you are not feeling very beautiful, then give one of your good friends a call and talk about anything at all. I guarantee that you will feel better afterwards.

Have a scented bath

In honour of my Facebook friend, I suggest that you buy yourself something sweet smelling and slater it all over yourself. Treat yourself to something luxurious that makes you feel good. I love anything that smells of coconut and apple.

Talk to a child

If you’re not feeling beautiful DO NOT ask them to validate you! A kid will always tell you the truth, if you’re fat, they’ll tell you you’re fat. If you’re a bit mature, they will tell you you’re old and ask you when you’re going to die. Kids can be cruel, but chatting with one and immersing yourself in their exuberance may make you feel beautiful.

Achieve something small on your to-do list

It can be anything, even that call to the energy company you’ve been putting off. Achieving something small can be a great emotional boost and can make you feel beautiful and like an urban warrior.

Put on your favourite article of clothing

We all have them, from a favourite pair of knickers to a little black dress or sparkly high heels. What makes you feel gorgeous is different for everyone. I remember a lady who loved her Adidas track pants because she felt the stripes down the side made her feel long and lean!

Yes! YOU! You are very beautiful!
Yes! YOU! You are very beautiful!

Pop on some lipstick or mascara, or have a shave!

Cleaning yourself up a wee bit can make you feel fresher, sparklier and therefore, more beautiful. I am not suggesting that you don’t look beautiful without makeup, that would be madness!

Call your older relative and ask them about their day

It’s very nice to give your older relatives a phone call to see what they have been doing with their morning. Make sure you listen more than talk and ask meaningful, caring questions. When you hang up the phone, you will feel even more beautiful.

Pay it forward

Have you got something that you no longer use? Could you buy the person next to you in the coffee shop line a steaming hot latte? There are billions of ways you can “pay it forward” if you think about it. Doing something like this will guarantee to make you feel more beautiful.

Have sex

My personal favourite! Get your gear off – grab your sexy boyfriend or girlfriend and have a romp under the covers. Or in a lift. Or in the kitchen. Make sure you take any compliments you get to heart, and give a few compliments in return. This will definitely make you feel more beautiful.

  1. March 10, 2015

    🙂 Your advice is scrumptious & I will be popping it on my cork board for days that need that extra pizzazz!

    1. March 11, 2015

      Thanks so much Jewels-Pixie! Hope the rest of your week is scrumptiously fabulous!

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