5 Instant Ways To Feel Better About Your Body Today

5 Instant ways to feel better about your body today

Do you want to feel better about your body? It’s a depressing fact of life that most women, and many men, find that at certain times of their life, they may not feel like they look their best, which can lead to people not living their best lives.

I blogged recently about gaining weight due to my pregnancy. In fact, I gained nearly half my body weight and I was very depressed about it too. No matter what I did, the weight just kept on piling on. The good news is, I did lose it fairly easily, and now I am back to normal, but for a while there, I was really feeling down about how I looked.

So, I thought it was time to write a post about instant ways to feel better about your body. Remember, every body is perfect, and respecting and loving your body is essential for a happy life.

5 Instant Ways To Feel Better About Your Body Today

#1: Give the world a big, bright smile

Psychology Today has a great article on the superpowers of your smile. Yep, just by unleashing those pearly whites, you can actually look and feel more attractive and happy!

According to the study, smiling can make you look younger, and thinner, and also elevates your mood and makes you feel good. “Each time you smile you throw a little feel-good party in your brain,” says behavioral psychologist Sarah Stevenson. “The notorious party animals dopamine, endorphins, and serotonin start whooping it up when you smile.”

#2: Buy nice clothes that fit you

When I was overweight (more on that later!) I wouldn’t go shopping and would hate getting dressed in the morning, as nothing fit and nothing felt good.

Then one day, I simply went out and bought a bunch of clothes that looked nice, fit well and made me feel better. Sure enough, I started to lose a bit of weight naturally, as I was feeling better about myself. There is nothing factual or technical about this trick, but it doesn’t hurt to try it! It might make you feel better about your body.

#3: Speak to yourself in a calm and soothing way

We all suffer from deprecating self-talk when we are not feeling great about ourselves. A few years ago I went through a really bad breakup with a guy who was a total asshole. I found that my “self-talk” was always negative.

I wrote a post about telling myself a better story. It actually really helped me to begin to focus on the positives in my life, as basic and typical as that sounds. Blogger Penelope Trunk says, “Creating a story that resonates helps us believe in ourselves. We need a good story to reassure us that our plans make sense — that, in [making our next step], we are not discarding everything we have worked so hard to accomplish.”

#4: Talk to an expert about things that bother you

If you area really feeling that there is something that you want to change permanently, then that is OK too. Just make sure that you carefully research all your options, and get proper expert advice.

If you are thinking of getting a breast lift, then I’d think twice about it, personally. I am not a fan of cosmetic surgery, because you are beautiful just as you are. But if you must, then do your research. Whatever country you choose to go to the important thing is that you choose a cosmetic surgeon that is highly skilled. Get proper advice and only take this step after lots of consideration.

#5: Be realistic about what you can achieve

Never compare yourself to others. When I was a teenage girl, I went to an all girls school. It was huge, and I had nearly 300 girls in my year. We all wore uniforms and dressed the same, and my uniform never fit as I was overweight as a teen. I used to feel so down about myself because I would constantly compare myself to the other girls.

Remember that you are unique, and you will have your own sets of flaws and attributes. That’s OK. As I get older, I find that the old sayings are true – over time you begin to accept yourself for who you are, and you learn to love your flaws.

You can feel better about your body!

It’s all about a change of mindset, but of course, don’t expect to change your mindset overnight. Work on yourself day by day, learn to love your flaws and accept the things you cannot change. We are all so much more than the sum of our parts. Everyone is truly a work of art.

5 Instant Ways To Feel Better About Your Body Today
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5 Instant Ways To Feel Better About Your Body Today
Can you learn to feel better about your body in just a few easy steps? Here are 5 things you can instantly do to improve your mood and feel better.
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