Hate Camping? How To Make Camping More Fun

Hate camping? How to make camping more fun

Trying to make camping more fun is actually pretty easy. Camping is not for everyone, that’s for sure, but I personally love it. The Boyf and I love getting outdoors and seeing nature, whenever we can. One of the first things I loved about him was the fact that he loved camping, like me.

Not everyone has a natural affinity for camping. Growing up, my parents never once took me and my sister camping, it’s just not their “thing”. My dad took us on many adventures, he loves Sydney beaches and we travelled extensively, but putting up a tent was not his idea of fun. So, if you want to spice up your camping mission and make camping more fun, then here are a few things I could suggest.

Hate Camping? How To Make Camping More Fun

Throw a reel into the lake or ocean

This year, we are planning on doing a little bit of fishing while we camp, so I have started to investigate some of the best ways I can prepare myself for the expedition, as I have never really been fishing before.

I have been advised that I should learn some fishing basics to make it easier for me to find the fish I want to catch. Comparing the various ways to find fish and how they work on both salt and freshwater lakes will hopefully make it easier for me to find fish while I camp. I figure that I will catch more fish if I don’t spend a lot of time looking for them!

Take lots of yummy food

People who love to camp, also love to eat! While you are away in the great outdoors – there are no restaurants or takeaway joints, you have to bring and cook your own food.

I like to pre plan a lot of my meals and bring things that are fun and easy to cook. In Australia, we love to cook damper. It’s basically just flour, salt and water, twisted around an actual stick and chucked into a fire until it’s blackened. Then you fill the cavity with butter and golden syrup. Read about how to make damper here.

Bring a guitar or other instrument

If you can play, or you have a friend who does, there is no better time to bring out the acoustic guitar. Even if you can’t play, there is no better time to learn – pull out the guitar and teach yourself a few chords.

Of course, depending on where you are, be aware of other campers and don’t make too much noise. Having said that, a gentle acoustic guitar is probably going to be more to people’s tastes than a blaring pair of speakers.

Try journaling (in a real journal!)

I find that camping is a great time to get some writing done, but leave your laptop at home and bring a notepad and pen. There is nothing nicer than going for a long walk, finding a spot with a view and writing down some dreams and goals.

Often when our minds are clear, we can do some of the best writing and thinking of our lives. Meditation can be a lovely thing to do – or even try to connect with your spiritual guides. When the clutter and noise of our busy lives is removed, you might find you uncover something new.

It’s not that hard to make camping more fun

Take some luxuries from home that you love, such as a favourite pillow, blanket or type of chocolate. Go with a great attitude and an open heart and commit to enjoying the experience, even if it’s not your ‘thing’. Tell me some of your favourite camping hacks in the comments below – what do you love to do in the great outdoors?

Hate Camping? How To Make Camping More Fun
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Hate Camping? How To Make Camping More Fun
If you hate camping there are ways to make camping more fun. Check this list of unusual suggestions and have fun these holidays.
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