Not Being Treated Fairly at Work? Do You Recognise These 3 Signs?

Not Being Treated Fairly at Work? Do You Recognise These 3 Signs?

Are you being treated fairly at work? Let’s face it, work is usually never easy, after all, that’s why they call it work. But there’s a big difference between a job that can sometimes be something of a challenge and a job that makes you feel like you can’t bring yourself to even get out of bed in the morning.

Sure, no job that you have is ever going to be simple or easy, but that doesn’t mean that you have to put up with being treated unfairly. However, it can sometimes be hard to tell if you’re being overly sensitive or if you’re actually being treated worse than you should. With that in mind, here are a few warning signs to look out for.

Not Being Treated Fairly at Work? Do You Recognise These 3 Signs?

Sign #1: Your hard work goes ignored

There are few things more satisfying than getting a difficult task finished to a high standard. As they say, a job well done is its own reward. However, that feeling of satisfaction can often end up disappearing pretty quickly when it feels as though the hard work that you’re putting in isn’t being valued.

Whether your employer is taking the credit for it, or simply isn’t recognising the work you put in at all, nothing is going to sap your motivation like feeling as though you get no credit for the work that you do. American journalist and writer Laurie Notaro says, “If you really believe in what you’re doing, work hard, take nothing personally and if something blocks one route, find another. Never give up.”

Sign #2: You’re not safe

Everyone has the right to feel as though they’re working in a safe and secure environment. If your employer isn’t putting in the effort to introduce suitable health and safety measures into your business, then that’s putting you and all of your colleagues at risk. Safety at work is your right.

If something does happen to you, then you should speak to a workers compensation lawyer right away. Of course, the best thing is to try and avoid getting into that situation at all in the first place. Speak to your employer and let them know that you feel as though there should be more regulations in place in order to make your workplace a safer place for everyone. Being treated fairly at work should be essential to everyone.

Sign #3: You’re discriminated against

It would be wonderful to say that, in the 21st century, things like racism, sexism, and homophobia were no longer issues in the workplace but that simply isn’t true. Every day there are people who are treated poorly based on some aspect of who they are.

If you feel as though you’re being treated worse than other people because of your gender, the color of your skin, or anything else, then you need to speak to someone as soon as possible. Not only is that kind of treatment unfair but it’s almost certainly illegal as well. Discrimination is something to be on watch for.

Being treated fairly at work is your right!

Dealing with these kinds of things, whether it’s from your employer or your colleagues, is often something of a challenge for a lot of people. Many people don’t want to rock the boat and risk making things worse. However, if you don’t stand up to poor treatment, then there’s a good chance things are just going to carry on and never change. Never forget that you have rights and you shouldn’t be afraid to stand up for them. When you’re being treated fairly at work, you are able to finally progress in your career.

Not Being Treated Fairly at Work? Do You Recognise These 3 Signs?
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Not Being Treated Fairly at Work? Do You Recognise These 3 Signs?
Do you feel that you’re not being treated fairly at work? Your rights at work are essential to your career. Here are the 3 signs to look out for.
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Alyce Vayle | Content Strategist
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