Tent Dream Meaning | The Meaning of Tents and Camping in Your Dream

Tent Dream Meaning | The Meaning of Tents and Camping in Your Dream

What is the meaning of tents in your dream? The tent dream meaning is quite easy to understand, when you think about the dream symbology. A dream of a tent is telling you to think about themes around impermanence; and more specifically; how core areas of your life are in a state of impermanence or flux.

Dreaming of tents, or camping in tents is very common, even if you don’t like camping, or if you hate camping in your waking life. Whereas a house is a permanent structure, a tent is an impermanent structure, but it is also a place where you reside – where you sleep and live – but one that symbolises impermanence, change, and transience. These are some of the symbols to consider when we delve into the tent dream meaning.

What do tents symbolise?

When you dream of a tent you are looking at something that should be a foundation in your life, that is currently in a temporary state, or a state of change or impermanence. Perhaps you have set this arrangement up yourself? A tent dream meaning is often something that we remember.

Think of how this dream relates to a dream of a house: Dreams relating to a house often refer to various aspects of the Self. When trying to analyse the house in your dream, consider also how the house is kept and the condition of it.  The rooms in the house relate to facets of your personality.

The tent dream meaning

The ‘tent dream meaning’ could potentially indicate instability and insecurity in your current situation. You may have set up an impermeant home somewhere in the Self, where you are resting for a few moments. This is not a negative thing; perhaps you are taking a moment of shelter within the storm.

Aunty Flo says, “The tent in your dream signifies that instead of going forward in life, you may have gone back in time. It also reminds one of the ability to rest and seek knowledge to start on an inner journey.” I think perhaps this might be a little harsh. When you are in your tent, you are still being protected. You have still set yourself up a shelter, and you are somewhat protected from the elements.

Tent Dream Meaning | The Meaning of Tents and Camping in Your Dream
Are you feeling exposed in your waking life?

What does camping symbolise?

When we are camping, we are “man against the elements”, this dream could symbolise core personal bravery, and the desire to “make it on your own.” Not everyone likes camping, and whether you love it or loathe it might be significance.

Some people regard camping as a relaxing activity, so the dream could be telling them to get out and explore more. However, if you hate camping and loathe the great outdoors, the dream could be telling you to push yourself out of your comfort zone, or that you have already been pushed out of your comfort zone, and you’re readjusting.

If you are camping in a tent in your dream, you have been pushed out of your comfort zone. You have some shelter, but the shelter is not as strong as a house. Your Self is out there, exposed to the elements, but still protected. Is this how you feel in your waking life? That you are slightly exposed, perhaps nervous about what weather tonight and tomorrow will bring? The tent dream meaning could be very significant.

What do houses in dreams symbolise?

I have written about the house dream meaning on this blog in my post House dream meaning | Dream interpretation houses. We spend so much time in our house, that the house often symbolises the Self, and rooms in the house, symbolise elements of the Self, or parts that we have yet to discover. Read my post What does it mean to dream of empty rooms? for more information.

Think of the house as yourself. In this lifetime, we create a house. We build a home for ourselves spiritually, and we reinforce the ideas of our house over the years we are alive. Our structures get tougher and tougher, or break down and disappear. Things can be reinforced – such as ideas, habits, reactions – and they get stronger and stronger or weaker and weaker over our lifetimes.

Then, into the next life, we take some of these structures with us, as karma. We are born with some remanent of our past houses into this lifetime. Life after life, we strengthen these houses.

This is what Buddha said, “Through the round of many births I roamed without reward, without rest, seeking the house-builder. Painful is birth again and again. House-builder, you’re seen! You will not build a house again. All your rafters broken, the ridge pole destroyed, gone to the Unformed, the mind has come to the end of craving.” — Dhammapada 153-4

Can you really interpret my dreams for me?

Only you can truly interpret your dreams. Dream symbology comes by matching common symbolic threads, up against your personal mental landscape. The more you practice, the better you will become at interpreting your dreams. You are in charge.

I dream a lot, every night. In fact, so do you. Many people tell me that they do not remember their dreams. This is a common problem, and can be fixed, read my post How to remember your dreams: in 7 foolproof steps.

Remember that no one can interpret your dreams for you – you have to put the effort in yourself. Interpretation of dreams comes down to thinking about symbology, and meditating on how this relates to your life. Think how the tent dream meaning comes into play with what’s already going on around you.

Tent Dream Meaning | The Meaning of Tents and Camping in Your Dream
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Tent Dream Meaning | The Meaning of Tents and Camping in Your Dream
Have you had a dream of tents? The tent dream meaning is special & may hold deep spiritual significance. Interpret the meaning of your tent or camping dream.
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