Why “Playing” Like a Child Could Be the Key to Losing Weight

Why “playing” like a child could be the key to losing weight

Losing weight can be a challenge. It’s so important to try new things when it comes to your fitness and health. So often, we get stuck in a rut in our workout routines – we do the same old things over and over again and we wonder why we give up, or the results stop happening. Have you forgotten how to have a good time while exercising? Could you be having more fun?

So many experts tell you that the secret to weight loss is to keep your body guessing. It’s a well known fact that our bodies actually resist weight loss. Our bodies are very efficient, and have evolved to hang on to fat, according to Michael Rosenbaum, an obesity researcher from Columbia University Medical Center.

“Metabolic compensation is basically a genetic survival mechanism where a thinner body burns fewer calories during activity than it did before,” points out online health publication, The Cut, in an article titled Why, Exactly, Do Our Bodies Fight Us on Weight Loss? This is the reason why it’s important to keep mixing things up in your fitness routine – to keep the body guessing. If losing weight is your goal, then inject some playtime into your routine and reap the benefits.

Why “Playing” Like a Child Could Be the Key to Losing Weight
Play like a child and make exercise fun again!

Have fun while you exercise

Yes, you can go and run on a treadmill but have you considered doing something more fun? Products like the air track slip and slide are designed to give you a great workout while you’re having fun doing it. These air tracks are great for gymnastics, cheerleading, martial arts, senior gym and school sports, as their movability and stability to make them easy to use and lots of fun.

What else could you try? Have you considered giving rock climbing a go, or aqua aerobics? Think of things that are going to keep your body guessing, and exercises that will give your body an all-over workout. Look for things that use whole muscle groups, and exercises that allow you to keep your body using different movements. When you’re keen on losing weight, this is definitely something to try.

Why “Playing” Like a Child Could Be the Key to Losing Weight

Try new methods of keeping the weight off

I have written before about the 5:2 diet plan and the types of people that this might be successful for. The 5:2 diet doesn’t work for everyone, but the idea is that by mixing up and varying the amount of calories your body is getting, it kickstarts your body into greater weight loss. If you do the same thing day in, day out, your body gets “used” to your routine and your weight loss might stall, according to many experts.

Have a look at places like the airtrack factory for ideas on equipment that might make your exercise routine a bit different. It’s also a good idea to treat yourself to new exercise equipment every now and then, as this can help inspire you to exercise. After all, you deserve it!

“Play” like you did when you were a child

Remember when you were a little kid and you didn’t think twice about exercise? You simply got out there and played, burning energy as a natural consequence. Losing weight can be a lot more easy when you’re simply not thinking about it.

Something playful and fun to try is a tumble track that helps cushion the pressure on your body as you exercise. Let’s face it, we’re probably not as nimble as we were when we were kids, so having this extra support is a great way to play like you did when you were a child, without the wear and tear on your adult joints and muscles. Something else to consider is low impact activities that still work all your muscles groups such as swimming, or even yoga. Check out my post on 5 Parents Who Should be Doing Yoga to get some ideas, whether you’re a parent or not.

Why “Playing” Like a Child Could Be the Key to Losing Weight

Losing weight is possible, but make your activities fun!

Dieting and restricting are never fun, and this is often why people fail at them after their initial enthusiasm. To keep yourself focused, you need to be kind to yourself. Making exercise “fun” and playful is a great way to ensure that you won’t get bored, and that each day of fitness, health and exercise is as fun as the last. Don’t be afraid to mix things up, and inject some playtime into your routines.

*Please note, I am not an exercise professional; these are just some ideas that work well for me. Make sure you do your own research and check with your doctor before trying anything new. Use your common sense and never try anything that is too extreme without consulting a professional.
Why “Playing” Like a Child Could Be the Key to Losing Weight
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Why “Playing” Like a Child Could Be the Key to Losing Weight
Could injecting some playtime into your health routine be a great way to keep motivated and keep your body primed for losing weight?
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