Dreaming of feeling stuck, travelling and dreams of blocked exits

Dreaming of feeling stuck, travelling & blocked exits

Today’s dream comes from Paris, France, from a dreamer named Amanda. Amanda has had a reoccurring dream that is common to many of us, rushing to get somewhere, feeling stuck, trying to find your way in a new place, and travelling. She has reoccurring themes of travel – of trains, planes, big buildings and pressure. Dreaming of feeling stuck is something that many dreamers have come across.

Amanda describes her dream:

“My dream a frequently recurring theme is where my parents (who are dead) are still alive as they were. The dreams always involve a rush to leave or catch a train, plane or to find the exit in a big building.”

Amanda describes her reoccurring Dream Symbols:

  • Planes
  • Pressure
  • Exits, lifts, stairs and doors
  • Feelings of being stuck, frustration: “I never get to where I need to be in dream.”

Dreaming of feeling stuck, travelling and dreams of blocked exits

The interpretation:

Thank you for getting in touch with your dream, Amanda. Often when we have reoccurring dreams, we are trying to be taught a lesson by our higher selves, or our guardians.

Losing both parents would be something that impacts on a person their whole life. I can understand why your higher self is trying to make sense of this injustice. Losing one parent is harsh, losing both is devastating.

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Dreams of travel and taking trips are often associated with death and passing

I have heard that when people are about to pass on, they can get messages that they are about to “take a trip”, or “catch a train”. Some spiritualists believe that this is the higher self, aware that it is “on the move”.

According to Maggie Callanan who has witnessed more than 2000 deaths, “They said they had to get their bags together for a trip. They had someplace important to go. They had to go home.”

“Talking about having to get ready for a trip is common; people often use travel metaphors for death, she said. But when it comes to destinations, ‘everyone is seeing a different place’.”

So, Amanda. I think that this could be a good start to interpreting your dream. From your point of view, your parents were in a “rush to leave”. Your subconscious is trying to deal with this, so you are trying to get somewhere, but you’re stuck. You may be trying to stop your parents from taking their trip.

Dreaming of feeling stuck, travelling and dreams of blocked exits

Dreaming of being “stuck” can be your subconscious dealing with frustrations, or things you cannot control

When we dream of being stuck, running late, not able to find exits and things like that – we are processing frustration. We are dealing with our feelings that we are unable to control some things in life – like death. According to Psychic Library these sorts of dreams may indicate that you may be feeling powerless. Dreaming of feeling stuck is very common.

Dreams of exits, dreaming of feeling stuck or having a “lost dream”

Exits, and passageways are symbolic of where we are going in life. You may be trying to find your way out of this situation (heavy emotions, grief and loss) and you cannot find a way out – or even worse, you can find the way out but you cannot access it – more frustration.

“Dreaming of an exit is an indication of escaping from the current circumstances. If you dream that you are looking for an exit and cannot find one, then you feel trapped and helpless,” says Dream Stop.

I often dream of losing my way, getting lost in a building, driving without a map – these dreams mean that I am frustrated and feeling stuck.

Dreaming of feeling stuck, travelling and dreams of blocked exits

Dreaming of pressure

You may be feeling under pressure, or this could be the type of pressure people feel with sleep paralysis. When our astral body splits from our earthly body, we can feel a string pressure at times. Maybe you felt extra pressure around the time of your parents’ death. Were you expected to support others, or deal with your own emotions with little support?

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A final note on dream interpretation

No one can tell you what your dreams mean, only you can properly interpret them. If any of the ideas resonate with you, then meditate on them and see what comes up for you. You may gain a deeper understanding of your dreams this way.

Love to you, Amanda, and all the best in your spiritual journey.

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  1. Amanda
    February 8, 2016

    Hello Alyce, thanks so much for taking the time to reply, I will look at the links you joined.
    on ething really makes sense, I had felt my parents were hanging around , that they wouldn’t move on ( In one dream we were actually packing my fathers suitcase for him telling him to go ).
    however your insight for the first time makes me feel like , it’s me not letting go.
    I am going to meditate on this .
    I found your blog through the getting over an ex – link ( being in a terrible relationship has been mixed with all of this grief)
    i think I am in a positive place and definitely will not go back down the bad ex route .. it might all be linked ? I laughed a lot at the ” 7 signs you are dating an asshole ” , scary how much it was my ex!
    anyway this blog is really fun to read , good on you ! love amanda x

    1. February 9, 2016

      Hi Amanda-

      Thanks so much for taking the time to comment, and for sharing your dream. Please keep in touch and let me know if any further dreams symbols pop up. And get over your ex – life is too short and my only regrets have been wasting time on people that never suited me in the first place. The right person is out there waiting for you!
      –Love, Alyce

  2. Mcdonald
    July 23, 2016

    Hello, i dreamt of been inside an intercity train and suddenly the train started running uncontrolably to crash, but fortunately i was able to find an little space to escape. When i jumped out of the train,i stood in a distance washing the train and it crashed, though my friend was inside the train when it crashed but i rushed to help him out and he was alife and fine. Please help me to interpret this dream.

    (2) Few drays ago i dreamt of been inside an intercity train, while we were on our way journeying……suddenly a car was packed along the train track and we were blocked….but the driver decided to turn back to take another route….then i woke up.Please can you help me to interpret this dreams.

    1. August 8, 2016

      Hi McDonald,

      I have interpreted your dream http://alycevayleauthor.com/2016/08/08/dream-meaning-train/ if you could leave me a response in the comments, I would appreciate it very much.
      Sweet dreams, Love, Alyce

    2. August 8, 2016

      Hi McDonald,

      Thanks so much for sending in your dream. I will interpret it very soon and send you the link when done.

      Sweet dreams, Alyce

  3. October 2, 2017

    Today I woke up from a dream. A dream from which I had to break a time loop in order for me to escape, to wake up. Luckily I broke the loop and was able to wake myself. The year of this dream was when ballroom dancing were extremely popular. A ballroom, the setting of this dream. My friends and I were forced to do tasks in order to break the time loop, thebut escape the dream, to wake up. I don’t know what to make of this “dream”.

    1. October 12, 2017

      Hi Ammaarah,

      Very interesting. “To dream that you are ballroom dancing indicates success in your endeavors. You have a positive outlook in life and are willing try anything and give it your all.” This interpretation seems to fit the positive nature of your dream. You have been “on show” and have demonstrated your talents and received a positive reception.

      Thanks for sharing your dream with us.
      Love, Alyce

  4. Dan briwn
    January 14, 2018

    Thank you so much!!! I have been having dreames where I am far from home or being lost in unknown places at least three times a week. On vacation and not being able to get home, stuck in hotels with lots of doors, had one today where I was stuck in some sort of flea market and everyone leaving me there. So frustrating.

  5. Ubaka
    February 26, 2019

    I constantly have this dream of finding myself in a village which I dont know and each time I try
    to finding my way out, either looking for a bike or any means to take me out, I won’t find any. I try desperately to walk out, only to find myself still walking round and not getting out.

    1. February 28, 2019

      Hi Ubaka –
      Transport dreams normally relate to “the direction you’re going in life”. A bicycle is something that is (typically) ridden by only one person, and that requires skill and balance – is this how you feel about your life right now – that moving forward is taking a lot of skill and balance, and isn’t as easy as it should be? A village might symbolise your connections with others – but this is a foreign village in your dream.
      Have a think about these themes, and see if you can meditate on how they might fit your current situation.
      Love, Alyce

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