What does it mean to dream of a train? Dream symbol: Train

Your dream meaning: train. My dreamer today is named McDonald and he wants to know what it means to dream of a train. Dreaming of a train is a very common dream.

“I dreamt of been inside an intercity train and suddenly the train started running uncontrollably and was about to crash – but fortunately I was able to find a little space to escape to. When I jumped out of the train, I stood at a distance watching the train as it crashed. I thought my friend was inside the train when it crashed but as I rushed to help him, I found that he was alive.”

Dream symbols:

  • Train
  • Crash
  • Friend

What does it mean to dream of a train? Dream symbol: Train | Red train

Dreaming of a train is very common. Let’s look at how trains operate and what they are as clues to interpreting your dream, McDonald. Dreammoods says that a passenger train relates to mental work.

For a start, they are a mode of transport – they get people from A to B – so they are active in getting us places – so train dreams usually mean that you are dealing with “the direction your life is going” and “where your life is headed” – that’s usually the theme.

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Also – trains carry lots of people, many passengers, while a car may only carry one person, or just a few. So, often trains symbolise a “group mentality” and “where the group is going” or “how the group is travelling together”. Often a car might suggest where you alone, are going in life, whereas a train will indicate where a group you are part of is going as a group – for example, how your family is travelling, or how your workplace is travelling, as a group.

Dreaming of train tracks

Another thing to note about trains is that they stay on track. They are rigid and fixed and cannot deviate from a particular path. Body & Soul says, “Trains take us from one place to another so their presence in our dreams may represent a journey or direction that you are taking in your daily life. Trains are completely inflexible and can only travel along a designated track, consequently train dreams tend to represent journeys that are fixed and structured.”

Dreaming of a train crash or dreaming of an out of control train

What does it mean to dream of a train? Dream symbol: Train | Train platform

Yep, as you may have guessed, this is a sign that your subconscious is trying to tell you that, “You are on the wrong life path and need to alter your course,” according to Dreammoods.

Aunty Flo says, “A dream of seeing an out of control train indicates that your power is being controlled. Trains generally mean that life problems are to be solved easily. The speed of the train can indicate possible problems in one’s life.”

Dreammoods says, “To dream that you are on a train symbolises your life’s journey. It suggests that you are on the right track in life and headed in the right direction. If you dream that a train collides, then it indicates that your life goals are in conflict with your belief system.”

Interpreting McDonald’s train dream

What does it mean to dream of a train? Dream symbol: Train | Cell phone

McDonald, I think this is a dream about your concerns for the direction your group of friends is going in – do you feel that your friends are heading for a disaster? You seem concerned with a friend in particular – look at what this person symbolises to you in your life – are they the partygoer, the studious one, the rebel?

McDonald, you seem to want to “rescue” yourself from the fate of the group – in fact, you find a little space to escape to in the dream. What does this say about your friendship group in waking life? Do you feel that your friendship group is on a crash-course? Why is this and what can you do?

The fact that you fear the worst but your friend is OK may indicate that subconsciously, you feel that everything is going to be OK but you are still concerned.

Remember, no one can interpret your dreams for you, only you can do that. The symbols and signs we see in our dreams are particular to each of us but when we examine what we see in our dreams, we can find clues that resonate in our waking lives.

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