Dreaming of a Statue | Dreaming of Delivering a Box green statue of a woman

Dreaming of a Statue | Dreaming of Delivering a Box

Dreaming of a statue may not be the most common of dreams, but it does come up quite often. My dreamer today is called Marie and she shares two of her dreams with us.  It is my gut feeling that these two dreams may be linked. Even if Marie didn’t dream them “night after night” the fact that she has sent them in one batch may be significant. So let’s see what Marie’s dreams might mean and what dreaming of a statue and dreaming of delivering a box could indicate.

Marie was dreaming of a statue

I dreamt of a huge, old statue which was bigger than life size, and coloured green. It’s the statue of a woman with unfinished arms. The statue is being pushed away from me, out of my environment.

THEN I dreamt of an empty bedroom with a fixed bed in white linens. In the dream the bedroom is found where the office of a colleague is supposed to be, at my previous place of work. I am delivering a box to her.

Dreaming of a Statue | Dreaming of Delivering a Box green statue in garden

Marie describes her Dream Symbols

  • Statue
  • Missing limbs
  • Green
  • Something being pushed away from you
  • Delivery

Dreaming of a statue & dreaming of delivering a box

I love this dream, Marie, as I have also had a dream of statues. I have a feeling that this statue either represents you, or a woman close to you that you may admire, or idolise – “put on a pedestal”, as they say. Dreaming of a statue may indicate this; use your intuition. Read How to Develop Your Intuition (and Why You Should!)

Dreaming of a Statue | Dreaming of Delivering a Box wrapped box

Statues might represent a figure you’ve “put on a pedestal”

My gut feeling is that she represents you or an important female figure in your life, even though she is being pushed away. However, only you can truly interpret your dreams, no one can truly know the inner workings of your mind.

The fact that the statue is “bigger than life” is also significant. Again, this points to you making something or someone “bigger” than they need to be. Dreaming that something is bigger than normal indicates that you either have an inflated opinion of yourself or of someone. The colour green can indicate envy, or it can indicate health and vitality, nature etc.

According to Dream Moods, “You may be expressing a desire to be more dominant in some situation or relationship.” She may also represent authority and power.

Statues also do not talk, or move – so they may symbolise that there is a lack of communication going on with a woman you admire, someone you place on a pedestal. Is this person out of touch with reality? Are you trying to reach her?

Dreaming of a Statue | Dreaming of Delivering a Box white bed linen

Delivering a box in a dream may mean you want to “give more”

The fact that your second dream is about a colleague might be a clue. Could these two dream symbols be linked? Read my post on What does it mean to dream of empty rooms? Bedrooms also symbolise the elements of ourselves that we try to keep private, while the colour white represents, “purity, perfection, peace, innocence, dignity, cleanliness, awareness, and new beginnings.”

You are delivering a box to this colleague. Delivering something may mean that you need to be more involved in a particular relationship – you need to give more, and you know it. Are you feeling that you didn’t “give your all” at your last job? Is there a woman of authority in your new job who is not communicating with you and pushing you away – is she someone you admire and hope to reach out to?

According to Dream Moods, a box may symbolise an aspect of yourself that you are trying to preserve and protect, which ties in with your bedroom – also tied to your private self.


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