How to find and talk to your spiritual guides

They are there, somewhere. I have been told that every religion believes in angels, in one way or another. You would certainly be hard-pressed to find any major religions that don’t believe that there are Beings out there that do not take on the physical forms we can see and touch.

I believe that there are many types of Beings in the universe and beyond. Some are ascended masters, some are guides just for you. Sometimes you can ask for spiritual guidance and help from a spiritual guide.

Dreaming of your guides

I once had a dream about my spiritual guides. It was when I was going through the most awful time, and I had a dream that there was a room full of these Beings. All were dressed in the same uniform, but they were male and female, old and young. In fact, there were so many of them there that the room couldn’t hold them all, and some of them were waiting outside.

During that time – many of them looked exhausted, really tired.

I woke up and thought, “Thanks guys. Thanks for being there.”

Do I really believe that? Well, it doesn’t make much difference whether I really have a whole roomful of guides at all. The dream is symbolic. It means that I was yearning for help and guidance and I was being shown that I am not alone.

Feelings of isolation

Really – I have spent lots of time on my own in this lifetime and I am very au fait with my own company. In fact, I can isolate myself so much without feeling pain that it can be unhealthy and I need to make the effort to reach out to people.

Some people are afraid of being alone. I have known a couple of people like this, people who constantly need to be in company with others, often distracting themselves from themselves.

Have you heard about this recent experiment where people preferred to give themselves electric shocks rather than spending time on their own, alone with their thoughts? Personally, I think the experiment was a bunch of bullshit because of the small sample size and the way the participants were treated.

Do you find it hard to be on your own?

Anyway – it is true that some people find it hard to be alone. But in truth, we are never truly alone. Parts of you exist in other places and this physical manifestation of “yourself” you see right now is not the full story. There are parts of you that exist in different dimensions and there are Beings who want to help you on your journey.

There’s that old quote – You are not a human Being on a spiritual journey – you are a spiritual Being on a human journey.

So – you can connect with other Beings “out there” – here’re some things you could try.

  1. Ask for help: silently, on your knees, out aloud, on paper. Actually ask for help and guidance.
  2. Be respectful. Try not to swear or talk badly about yourself or others when you are trying to connect.
  3. Be quiet – give it time and space and silence.
  4. Believe. Even if you don’t – give it a try or you won’t really get anywhere.
  5. If you cannot meditate, just stop talking for a while, in a quiet room and be there with your thoughts.
  6. Think of spiritual Beings that inspire you. It might be Buddha or Jesus, or it might be a favourite Saint or Goddess. It doesn’t matter if you have not been brought up with them, or religion or spirituality. Motivate yourself from a place of correct intention – and you should be OK.
  7. Listen for any messages. Even small ones. The one I got today was to surround myself with things that make me feel beautiful, rich and luxurious. I have lots of lovely things which I “save” – so today I am wearing some of them: special jewellery, an expensive top, my lovely new Tiffany’s purse and my snowboarding backpack.

Taking some time to do something spiritual each day can be a good way to move forward when you are stuck.

Best of luck on your human journey. 

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