stop feeling pain inside

5 ways to stop feeling pain inside

Do you want to stop feeling pain inside? The pain I am talking about is the pain that is impossible to see. When we feel internal pain, sometimes we experience it as an actual feeling – almost tangible. That’s what I feel today. Feeling pain inside is never nice – there have been times when the pain I felt inside was so bad – I actually thought I would drop dead. I haven’t yet, and I am unlikely to. To stop stop feeling pain inside, you need to self care.

The levels of pain we experience vary. Sometimes pain is like a dull ache, sometimes like a sharp stab. Even babies feel internal pain – life is hard, suffering is typical.

Here are 5 ways to stop feeling pain inside:

stop feeling pain inside

Return to the present

What can you see, feel, smell, hear? Return back to your five senses and get out of your head. Feel where the pain is physically manifesting in your body and focus on it. Try to see the pain as a fleeting moment in your history and know that the moment will not last forever. You can eventually stop feeling pain inside, I promise.

Listen to a positive song

I remember when I went through a bad break up a while ago, my friend took me for a ride in his cool new car and cranked up the song “Ridin’ Solo” by Jason Derulo. Yes, it’s a super cheesy song, but gawd it made me feel positive for the 4 minutes it was on. After it finished I felt depressed again, so he put it on repeat for me.

Go shopping

Well why not? Shopping always makes me feel good, even though it is a vacuous, materialistic activity. When I feel really sad I especially like to spend money that I don’t really have on luxury goods I don’t really need. Yesterday I had to drag myself out of Jac+Jack after nearly accidentally buying a white distressed T-Shirt. Lucky I did because two shops later my credit card bounced trying to pay for a $10 panini. If you want to stop feeling pain inside there is a way.

Call someone who understands

Often, there is no one who understands but try to find someone anyway. Yesterday I spent a long time on the phone to a great friend who made me remember things I hadn’t thought of in ages. Plus, she had her own problems too. Whoever you are, trouble is heading your way and we all just have to get on with life, even when times are tough.

Write to your shadow self

Talk to her or him and ask her how she is feeling. Connect with the parts of yourself you cannot stand – the parts you fear, the parts you loathe. Ask your shadow self how you can better understand her and incorporate her into your being. This is something I haven’t done before, but I may just try it today.

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