How to Improve Your Business By Developing Strong Mental Skills

How to improve your business by developing strong mental skills

Mental skills are something that we can (and should) develop, as these can improve many areas of our lives, including our business and work life. If you want to better your business opportunities, there are so many different mental skills you can develop; and many other free, progressive things you can do with just a […]

Suffer From Low Confidence? Here’s What to Do

Suffer from low confidence? Here’s what to do

Many of us suffer from low confidence – sadly it’s a fact of the human condition. A while ago I wrote a post called What to do when you’ve lost your confidence after I was feeling a bit battered and bruised emotionally after a break up. It’s not just romantic break ups that cause a […]

How to Cast a Spell: to Change and Improve an Aspect of The Self | Sage

How to Cast a Spell: to Change and Improve an Aspect of The Self

Ever tried to cast a spell? I have to admit it, but I used to cast spells when I was younger. I don’t do it anymore because a few of them worked and the results were not ideal. One man I wanted to fall in love with me is still in love with me but […]

How to find and talk to your spiritual guides

They are there, somewhere. I have been told that every religion believes in angels, in one way or another. You would certainly be hard-pressed to find any major religions that don’t believe that there are Beings out there that do not take on the physical forms we can see and touch. I believe that there […]

How to Develop Your Intuition (and Why You Should!)

What is intuition? Intuition is one of our spiritual faculties. We all know about our regular faculties: these are the five senses. We use our five senses to gain information about the world. Likewise, we can use our “higher faculties” to gather information about our world, including the physical, spiritual and emotional. We all have […]