How to Lose Weight with Incidental Exercise

How to Lose Weight with Incidental Exercise

What’s incidental exercise and how can it help you? I get it – you’re busy. These days we all lead really busy lives; from working, to spending time with family, to doing all the household stuff on your agenda, to finding some time to relax and unwind. All this busyness can come at a price. […]

3 Things You Should Know Before Starting the Military Diet

3 Things You Should Know Before Starting the Military Diet

Are you thinking of starting the military diet? Before beginning a big commitment like the military diet, there are a few things that need to be known about this particular type of weight loss plan. Let’s face it – it’s not going to be easy! Going into the military diet, you must acknowledge that your […]

An Explanation of The Ketogenic Diet And Its Weight Loss Potential

All About the Ketogenic Diet And its Weight Loss Potential

With millions and millions of people all around the world aiming to lose weight rapidly, experts have worked diligently to create a variety of new diets. This has also led to various new health crazes. The Ketogenic Diet is one of the few that has managed to withstand the test of time. Today, this diet […]

Winter weight loss foods: 6 of the best

Winter weight loss foods: 6 of the best

What are some winter weight loss foods? Winter can be the time of year when the pounds and kilos simply creep on. It’s cold outside and you are less likely to want to exercise and your body is craving warm, nourishing meals in an effort to provide your body with a layer of fat to […]

The 6 new rules of weight loss

Eat more meat Should you be eating more meat to lose weight? There are lots of studies that show that protein can be one of the biggest factors in keeping you full and satisfied. Everyone from Atkins to Pierre Dukan has touted the meat-filled diet as a total winner. Do studies support this? Yes! “It […]

10 commandments to maintaining your weight

Something occurred to me the other day – I have achieved a goal I always wanted to – maintaining my weight within a 2 kilo (or 5 pound) weight range, effortlessly, over the course of a year. I used to be classic yo-yo dieter. I was like Britney Spears, fluctuating from slightly-hot to blobby and […]

The lose weight with white foods 3 day plan: Day 2

Missed day one? Check out the post here. Yes, you can lose weight by eating all white foods – here’s how! Breakfast day 2 Black coffee with 30 mLs of  skim milk = 10 cals 1 croissant = 400 cals 5 grams of butter = 18 cals 1 tablespoon of jam = 30 cals 1 […]

Do you need to heal your relationship with food?

Something occurred to me the other day – I now find it more difficult to overeat. Even when I think I have eaten a lot, often, I will add up the calories I have eaten that day and they will amount to less than 2000. There was a time when I could (somehow) eat double […]

Is self-love the key to losing weight?

I used to have a problem with food, having said that – I am not suggesting that I am out of the water yet – I anticipate that at some stage in the future, I may have a problem with food again. There have been times in my life when I have been overweight. My […]

5 “perfect” meals from 5 different websites. Are they effective?

Perfection. I strive for it all the time but I often fall short of being perfect. Just ask The Boyf. The poor man has to put up with me thinking I know everything all the time. I am not a nutritionist, and he in fact has accredited qualifications in this area. Since I am not […]

21 Cool things about potatoes roasted potatoes

21 Cool things about potatoes

Don’t be afraid. They will not hurt you. Potatoes have next to no fat, they are low in sodium and you can eat one for only 130 calories. Why are people so afraid of potatoes? Since Atkins, we have been very cautious with our carbs. This is fair enough, I have noticed myself that proteins […]

Calories vs. Kilojoules: Why the Kilojoule is an Ineffective Measure if You Want to Stay Thin

Metric and imperial – will the war ever end? As a child, I spent two years in the American school system, learning about inches, quarts, pounds and dimes. Then it was back to the Australian school system for me where I learnt about centimetres, millilitres, kilograms and ten cent pieces. To make things even more […]

Is This the Weirdest Weight Loss Method You’ve Ever Heard Of?

It’s called “Weight Loss Tongue Patch Surgery” and the idea is very gross. For just under $2000 US, a doctor sews and abrasive patch to your tongue, making it very difficult for you to eat. People who have had one attached have reported weight loss of up to 30 pounds a month. Meet the California […]