3 Things You Should Know Before Starting the Military Diet

3 Things You Should Know Before Starting the Military Diet

Are you thinking of starting the military diet? Before beginning a big commitment like the military diet, there are a few things that need to be known about this particular type of weight loss plan. Let’s face it – it’s not going to be easy! Going into the military diet, you must acknowledge that your personal willpower will be tested, as well as your resolve to lose weight using this method. But it will be worth it!

You may be skeptical of diets that promise the participant will lose weight quickly and if so, taking into account a few of these facts surrounding the military diet before getting started might be just what you need. Also check out The 7 Craziest Diets From History: Do They Work? Here are 3 things you should know before starting the military diet.

3 Things You Should Know Before Starting the Military Diet

#1: The Military Diet is Cost Effective and Low-Calorie

If you’ve been looking for a diet that promises very little to be spent, the military diet may be what you are looking for. Skeptics have described it as nearly starving yourself but this is not entirely true. Your body will never revert to a state of starvation due to how it is structured. In order for the body drop into a state of starvation, you would need to be eating less than 1,000 calories per day for weeks. This diet provides all of the necessary types of nutrients you will need and just enough calories through these foods that you will not experience starvation.

The urge to consume more and deviate from the strict diet plan will be strong while you’re losing weight. It’s highly likely that you will be feeling hunger from time to time. This does not mean that you are reverting to a state of starvation. Your body is simply adjusting to the meal plan since it’s likely your stomach is used to holding a larger capacity, to begin with. Once your body does adjust to things, your stomach size will shrink, and you will become less and less hungry.

#2: You Will Not Gain Weight on the Military Diet

If your first impression upon hearing the words “military” and “diet” together is the type of diet that includes hefty amounts of protein and bulking up, think again. The military diet likely gains its name from the strict, self-disciplined, and rigorous use of the word “military” rather than implying you will become as physically fit as a soldier in the military. Instead, what the military diet does promise is rapid weight loss through a rigid set of rules that must be followed in order to gain the most benefits from following this diet plan.

The exact meal requirements are not something that everyone agrees with. In fact, due to how limiting a lot of the ingredients are for each of the three days (or even the four days of rest), you’re looking at a very small spectrum of foods. For this reason, those who do seek out a low-calorie diet that is similar to the military diet might come across some common military diet substitutions. People who are planning on starting the military diet need to feel confident about their weight loss goals.

People who cannot consume gluten or who are vegan by choice can alter some of the main ingredients to meet their own needs of high-quality nutrition, effectively turning the small meals into vegan and gluten-free alternatives that result in the same weight loss goal.

#3: It Works Differently to Other Diet Plans

The military diet is a solution to weight loss that gets its rigorous reputation for a reason. Even though it is obviously difficult to only eat a small amount of food each day by itself, that alone is not the only difficult aspect of this diet. When starting the military diet this is something you need to consider.

The way that the military diet works differently than other diets is that it is highly suggested that you do not partake in this diet for longer than the three-day meal plan. That means that for three days, you will follow the plan outlined after these three facts, but after the three days, you should return to a regular healthy meal plan for at least four days. Even during the break days, you must consume no more than 1,500 calories in order to see lasting results.

After four days have passed, you can do the diet again for another three days. As long as you have not yet reached your weight loss goal, you can take up this diet plan by switching like this on and off until you’ve reached your desired results. The reason you must take four days at least in-between each three-day stretch of military diet time is due to just how little you are eating in order to lose weight. It works similar to how some people work out for a few days and take a day between to rest. By following this regimen, you are guaranteed results with this diet without it being a detriment to your overall health.

Final thoughts on the Military Diet & Weight Loss

Now that you’ve had a look at some of the glaring facts about this diet, it’s up to you to decide if this is something that will work for you. It’s certainly not a diet that is meant for everyone. Those who are not in a particular hurry to lose weight can enjoy a more long-term diet that allows more wiggle room for food options. Seeking out an alternative to the military diet is always a possibility. Starting the military diet does not need to be difficult! Good luck. 

3 Things You Should Know Before Starting the Military Diet
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3 Things You Should Know Before Starting the Military Diet
Starting the military diet is a big commitment and before you begin this weight loss program there are 3 essential things you need to know.
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