Next Monster Moon: September, October 2013: What it Means

There is another Monster Moon coming. I am terrified. The last monster moon shattered me. I was literally throwing up, not able to sleep, not able to eat, barely able to work, crying all the time and hardly functioning as a human being. My Monster Moon in March/April 2013 Suddenly and completely, my past relationship […]

My Monster Moon Move: Part Two

I had to write another post, reflecting on this Monster Moon. Last night was the last night my partner and I slept in the same house, this morning the movers came and took his piano away – meaning he is also gone for good. A few days ago I wrote a post about my partner […]

My Partner is Leaving Me, But I’m OK: Monster Moon in Libra

The coming Monster Moon in Libra means that I have to write a personal post today because my feelings are consuming me. My partner is about to leave me, but that’s OK. You heard me. I said, that’s OK. It’s OK. I swear to god, it’s OK and I’m fine. No really. You may not […]