Next Monster Moon: September, October 2013: What it Means

There is another Monster Moon coming.

I am terrified. The last monster moon shattered me. I was literally throwing up, not able to sleep, not able to eat, barely able to work, crying all the time and hardly functioning as a human being.

My Monster Moon in March/April 2013

Suddenly and completely, my past relationship imploded. My ex moved out of my house and into a share house, tearing my heart apart. It was awful. Subsequently I have moved on, healed and even started a new relationship. Things have gotten better, I am happy now.

Astrologically – “October will be a difficult month for everyone.”

According to Susan Miller (paraphrased)

  • The first week of October will bring a number of cosmic storms
  • October 3: Your partner may bring news that horrifies you or makes you concerned
  • A harsh new moon in Libra on October 4 could bring CHAOS
  • Then a lunar eclipse on October 19 will also affect romantic relationships

In short – it seems to me make or break time in the land of love.

The Monster Moon in October will affect all signs

The last Monster Moon accompanied something incredibly deep within me. I felt like I was on a bolting horse that was jumping over high barriers and I was too scared to leap. It was terrifying. I was completely leveled. I actually didn’t know how I would get through a day. But I did. Sometimes it was hour by hour. I was devastated.

I am worried again

The Monster Moon really affected many people. There was not enough literature online about it. I am still struggling to find out what we can expect for the next Monster Moon – happening between September 29 and October 5th – depending on where you are.

What do we know about full moons?

  • They are a time to release energy that has been built up. I personally get very emotional around the full moon.
  • This Monster Moon is encouraging us to be vocal about what we want to discuss – we need to howl it out, so to speak.
  • It will be imperative to speak what you feel, no hiding behind niceties.

Did you go through “an exam”

I felt like I did. It was awful.

The full moon can be “a tipping point moment, of action, be ready for some huge awakenings now.”

I will try to find out more about this over the coming weeks, and hopefully together we can make the most of this Monster Moon that is coming our way.

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  1. September 27, 2013

    You just described my March/April 2013 almost to a T. Found out devastating relationship news, then spent almost an entire month doing nothing but crying and shaking and sleeping. Didn’t want to live. Had no idea it was a Monster Moon. (know the concept, just wasn’t paying attention)

    Anyhow, I’ve since recovered, and moved on to an amazing new relationship! —- And now terrified for October’s Monster Moon. 🙁

    I found your site while searching for more info about the Oct moon, and haven’t read anything other than this, but I plan on bookmarking your site & coming back to check in on things. Hopefully we will all get through this next month. 🙂

    Also just curious if you are a Taurus? (I am.) Just curious because your situation sounds SO similar to mine. Would be interesting if so.

    Ok, new friend….. good luck! 🙂

    1. September 27, 2013

      Dear M-

      Thanks so very much for your comment. March/April 2013 I was so devastated – I could barely function. My ex and I had a terrible relationship – it was going nowhere and we fought very badly. I didn’t want to let go – but he forced me to and it was the best thing ever. My true love has come along (oh god I hope this time) and letting go of my ex was something I had to do. Now I can go forward.

      I am also scared about the next few days. I have been very emotional lately. I am so glad to hear that you are in a great, new relationship too. Life is too short to suffer for love for extended periods.

      I am a Libran, so I share Venus with my lovely Taurean friends. My mother and only sister are Taurean and I have lots in common with them too. We all love beautiful things and little luxuries.

      Thanks again, M and all the best for the next few days.

      Thinking of you – Alyce

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