The Man Cave: My Partner Won’t Come Out! What do I do? | Man in cave image

The Man Cave: My Partner Won’t Come Out! What do I do?

My partner has been giving me a very hard time lately – a very hard time. He has been sleeping on the couch for the last two weeks and two days, not that I am counting. I really can’t stand when we fight like this – I really just want the fight to be over, […]

Ode To A Dumbass

Correlating in a cruel and clueless way I wondered out aloud Who is this person I’m with today This brute, this dick, this clown? You think you’re smart, you think you’re wise I find you so obtuse You’re beautiful but dumb as nuts You have very little use   I wish that I hated you […]

The Awful Truth About A Woman’s Obsession

You just cannot enter into an obsession lightheartedly. Obsession begins as an interest and escalates into an all-consuming heat that encases all the flesh in hot, winding flashes of uncontrollable desire. At least, that is what obsession meant to Carmen. Life was debased to simply delving between her obsessions, and there was no going back […]

I Wish I Could: Control My Temper

I wish i could control my temper In the Beginning I never yelled I was so nice But now I am awful all the time Now he is trying harder And I feel guilty Awful awful awful I don’t know what to do With this guilt Some days I want to be with him forever […]

My Asshole Boyfriend: What Did He Do to My Washing?!

Awful, awful, awful. And while you’re at it – AWFUL! This guy is almost too much to bear. Joe seemed to be in a cheerier mood and called me several times on the phone while I was at work, with various pieces of news. He then proclaimed that he was going to tidy the house […]