Ode To A Dumbass

Correlating in a cruel and clueless way

I wondered out aloud

Who is this person I’m with today

This brute, this dick, this clown?

You think you’re smart, you think you’re wise

I find you so obtuse

You’re beautiful but dumb as nuts

You have very little use


I wish that I hated you even more

To finally get away

You’ve darkened every step and door

And you continue to simply stay

I hear your yabbering all the time

It never really stops

Blah blah politics…Blah blah God

Your logic all in knots


When I get home you’ll still be there

Sitting on my couch

You’ll pour a drink and then just stare

For your routine, I can vouch

Your dumbass smile and sea flecked eyes

Looking mournfully at me how

Your hand is gripped and really tries

To hold me here and now


And there’s one thing I always forget

When I think upon this line

Through the pain and through regret

I think of you all the time

Because you see, I do love you

In each and every way

You friggin idiot, you stupid beast

You know I’m here to stay.







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