Get Rid Of Muscle Tension With These 3 Activities

Get Rid of Muscle Tension with These 3 Activities

Muscle tension; it can ruin your day, right? Whether you are an endurance runner, a bodybuilder, or someone who just likes heading to the gym once in a while, the chances are that you have been afflicted by the dreaded muscle tension at some point in your life.

When your muscles get stiff and sore, it takes longer to recover between workouts and can see your gym routine knocked out of sync. You may have a stiff neck, tight shoulders or it may feel like rigor mortis is developing in your lower back. You don’t know why muscle tension affects you. You warm up before exercising, you stretch well after your workout, and you keep hydrated throughout the day.

All is not lost, and you don’t have to endure muscle stiffness every time you want to take a run on the treadmill or head to a boxercise class. By taking on these 3 easy activities, you’ll be able to banish stiff muscles forever.

Do A Bit Of Yoga to Get Rid of Muscle Tension

Get Rid Of Muscle Tension With These 3 Activities

You don’t have to sweat it out doing Bikram yoga, but it pays to incorporate this form of stretching into your workout regime. The downwards dogs that you’ll inevitably become expert at promote a new way of breathing and relaxing, and encourage all of the muscle groups in your body to be loosened.

Whenever you think of yoga, images of hippies wearing nothing but a pair of Bermuda shorts and tie dye shirts chanting cross legged and surrounded by the sweet smell of sandalwood come to mind. This stereotypical view couldn’t be further from the truth with leisure centres, gyms and even doctors’ surgeries holding yoga classes for all abilities.

Yoga will ensure that you learn to control your breathing, focus your mind and prevent your muscles from becoming overworked and tight. Those cramping calves could soon be a thing of the past.

Get Your Daily Dose Of Vitamin D

Get Rid Of Muscle Tension With These 3 Activities

There was once a time when people thought a lack of salt in your diet meant that you could be susceptible to cramping muscles. More recently, it has been discovered that it’s, in fact, Vitamin D that many people are deficient in. This is because people are spending less time in the beautiful sunshine and more of their days sitting behind desks, staring at laptop screens.

If you’re not one for taking supplements, ensure that you have plenty of fish like tuna, salmon and mackerel in your diet and, if it’s a balmy summer’s day, get outside and soak up the rays.

Treat Yourself with Remedial Massage

Get Rid Of Muscle Tension With These 3 Activities

How many times do you consider heading for a message to soothe your aching muscles? You shouldn’t consider this as a treat but more an integral part of your fitness regime. Athletes all over the world use remedial massage daily when practising their discipline and when competing. The deep tissue massage techniques mean that your muscles are quite literally freed up and encouraged to become more supple and less sore.

A skilled therapist will talk through all of the different treatment options with you from trigger point therapy to myofascial release and will work to reduce tension in your problem muscle groups. By having a weekly massage, you are helping your muscles recover quicker and more efficiently between workouts.

Get Rid of Muscle Tension with These 3 Activities
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Get Rid of Muscle Tension with These 3 Activities
Are you experiencing muscle tension? It happens to many of us but there are 3 sure-fire activities that can potentially ease the problem.
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