Healthy Electric Wok Recipes | How To Use An Electric Wok

Healthy electric wok recipes | How to use an electric wok

There are so many great healthy wok recipes you can try if you’re looking for some new, nutritious options. If you’re looking for a handy cooking tool for making your delicious meals both inside and outside of your kitchen, then go for an electric wok. It is highly portable, and has multiple uses, and you can cook healthy wok recipes in many ways you may not have thought of before.

When I was a child, my Australian parents and I lived in Bangkok, Thailand, in the 1980s. My younger sister was born there, and I have many happy memories of beautiful Thailand, including the amazing wok recipes from the various regions.

Because of this, my mother always had a wok at home, even once we got back to Australia. Australians love Thai food, and we have a love total love affair with Thai cuisine. Having said that, there are many types of food you can cook in an electric (or non-electric) wok – some might even surprise you.

Electric woks are amazing, because they heat and cook food very quickly, and limit the amount of oil and salt needed for a dish. Food is in and out of the cooking process very quickly, so vegetables retain their beautiful colour and ‘snap’.

Let’s have a look at some of the healthy wok recipes you can create in your wok – and please tell me in the comments if you can think of any others.

#1: Khao phat (pronounced COW-pat)

Healthy Electric Wok Recipes | How To Use An Electric Wok

First up is “cow pat” as my mum used to call it. She found the name amusing, as many Westerners would. To put things simply, this is a version of fried rice, that uses tomato, chicken, egg, fish sauce and coriander, and you can add prawns, beef or other meats if you like (tofu would also be great). A generous squeeze of lime caps the dish off – its quick, healthy, tasty and fresh. Here’s a khao pat recipe for you to check out.

#2: A wok omelette

I love omelettes and they really are a dish that can be served at breakfast, brunch, lunch, dinner and for a great, light midnight snack. Did you know that you can cook an omelette in a wok? Use a low heat setting, add two or 3 beaten eggs, your fave veggies plus some ham, tofu, cheese and herbs. The rounded edges of the wok make the omelette easy to remove – give it a go!

#3: Green theme dream

Did you know you can use your electric wok as a seamer? You need a bamboo steaming basket to do this properly, and all you have to do is pour some chicken or vegetable broth (or water) into your wok. Fill the basket with vegetables and place the basket over the hot broth or water. Let the heat setting of your wok be at a maximum so it generates steam to thoroughly cook your vegetables. Remove and add lemon juice, add some Sansho Japanese pepper and dinner is served!

Healthy Electric Wok Recipes | How To Use An Electric Wok

#4: Make your Mexican fajitas

The Boyf and I just love Mexican food, and in many ways, some dishes are quite similar to stir-fries; if you really think about it. If you have a wok stand, just prepare your favorite recipe and serve it in the wok at the table. Note that you can cook your tortillas and wrap them in a foil just before throwing together your fajita mix. Use your electric wok instead of a frying pan, and see how much fresher and healthier your meals seem.

#5: Popcorn

I know it sounds crazy, but did you ever imagine that you could cook popcorn with a wok? Yep – you can! Buy some “popping kernels” at the supermarket and just add 2 tablespoons of cooking oil and a few popcorn kernels onto the pan. Use moderate heat. Once the kernels start popping, add more kernels (about half a cup) and cover the wok using a tight-fitting lid. Shake until the popping reduces. Remove your wok from the heat and add salt or any of your favorite finishers. The sloped sides help to maximize seasoning exposure, making it very easy to stir and mix.

Let me know your healthy wok recipes too!

Instead of hanging up your electric wok whenever you’re not cooking some Asian dishes, get creative and maximize its potential. Steam your vegetable, cook popcorn, cook fajitas and tortillas, prepare tasty soup, and much more. Think outside the square, and you might be pleasantly surprised.

Healthy Electric Wok Recipes | How To Use An Electric Wok
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Healthy Electric Wok Recipes | How To Use An Electric Wok
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