Moving for a Job: Everything You Need to Know About Relocating for Work

Moving for a Job: Everything You Need to Know About Relocating for Work

When you are considering moving for a job, there is a lot you need to think about. These days, it’s pretty common for people to relocate for work, I have personally done it, 3 times, moving thousands of kilometers away from the ones I love. I packed up all my belongings, hired a container, and shipped my things 4000 kilometers, to begin afresh.

The reasons you might move can be varied. There are lots of places where there isn’t much in the way of well-paid ways to make a living and that means that individuals either have to settle for less or move to a new location where opportunities are more abundant. You might move because you’re up for a challenge, or because you get an opportunity that’s too good to refuse. Check out my post on How to Move: The 10 Essential Steps You Cannot Miss! Ultimately, the decision whether to move for a job or not is by no means a simple one.

If you’re thinking of relocating for the sake of your career, there are a few things you should ask yourself first.

Moving for a Job: Everything You Need to Know About Relocating for Work

How will my family feel when I’m moving for a job

If you’re young, free and single, then you can skip this one, but if you have a partner and kids, then you need to think about their feelings. Will your partner be able to relocate too?If not could you make the on distance thing work? Will your kids be able to adapt to a new home and a new school? These are all thing you need to think very carefully about before you take the plunge.

Are there secure job prospects in the new city?

Before you pack up your stuff and move to the new location, you should definitely do some research on your proposed new location to determine not only that there really are lots of good opportunities for you but also that those opportunities are likely to be secure.

There’s no point moving yourself halfway across the country, or even to a new country completely if you’re not going to find a well paid, fulfilling job that will last more than a few months.

Can I really afford to move?

Weigh up the cost of interstate removalists, rent or mortgage repayments in the new area, the cost of entertainment and anything else that might be important to you and be honest about whether you’re likely to be able to live there, taking into account the kind of salary you’re likely to earn there before relocating.

If you don’t do this although you might have a better job, you may still end up with the same amount of disposable income left over after all the essentials have been paid for and that would make the whole move a pointless endeavor.

Will I like it at my new location?

Think this through very carefully. A couple of times when I have moved, I’ve moved to somewhere “picture postcard perfect” but the reality was very different. Small towns suit some people, but others find them stifling and restrictive.

You might be relocating to improve your job prospects, but life isn’t all about work and if you don’t like the area you’ve moved to and you can’t find anything you like to do in the local area, you’ll probably be miserable, and you have to ask yourself if it’s really worth it. So, before you make any rash decision, look into the type of neighborhoods and amenities there to see if they’re likely to be a good fit?

Consider whether you are (really) good at making friends

Friends are important, especially when you’re forging a new career path. If you move halfway across the country, and you don’t want to be lonely, you’re going to have to get out there and meet new people. So, be honest about yourself and your ability to make new friends. Are you an introvert or an extrovert? So you have any hobbies that could help you to make friends? These are questions that need to be dealt with before you relocate for a job.

Relocating for work can be a great idea, if planned well

There are pros and cons of moving for a job, and only you can work out what’s best for you, but asking yourself the questions above and answering them honestly, should help you come to the right conclusion.

Moving for a Job: Everything You Need to Know About Relocating for Work
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Moving for a Job: Everything You Need to Know About Relocating for Work
Are you considering relocating for work? Moving for a job can be a very big personal decision. Here are the 5 main factors you should consider.
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