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Dreaming of flamingos | Dreaming of a robin | Dreaming of purple

Have you been dreaming of flamingos? Dream interpretations of birds are something I have been doing a lot lately as they are a very common dream symbol. At the end of this post I link to two more posts where I discuss the meanings of birds in your dream, so check them out too. Today I have three dreams to interpret, all that feature birds in a different way. An interesting one is about dreaming of flamingos.

No one can really interpret your dream for you, only you can do that. But with a bit of practice, and an understanding of common dream symbols, you can learn to tap into some of the deeper knowledge your higher self has for you.

Dreaming of birds flying out of a purple gown

dreaming of flamingos

Tina describes her dream about birds flying out of her gown

“I had a dream where this bird kept chirping very loudly while I was sleep, so I woke up to try and find out where the bird was coming from. I wanted to try to quieten the bird but when I looked, it was more than one bird.

I managed to get them to be quiet but when I laid back down the bird was still chirping. When I looked at it, its head was sticking out of my purple gown! I pulled the gown off trying to figure out why the bird’s head was peeking through my gown.”

The symbols in Tina’s dream are

  • Chirping birds
  • Robe / gown
  • Purple
  • Trying to quieten

When you see a robe in your dream, this represents personal issues that you need to confront. Chirping birds represent joy, and a happy outlook. Purple is a spiritual colour and means devotion, wealth and dignity. When you dream of quietness, it is a sign that you need to stop for a while and reflect on life.

Tina, your dream means that you need to stop what you’re doing for a time and listen to your higher, wealthier spiritual voice. You need to stop and reflect and let some joy back in. It’s all there, within you, but it’s locked up inside. Reflect on your spiritual pursuits and welcome more happiness and love into your life. You need some quiet time alone to think about your spiritual path and higher self. The voice telling you to be more spiritual and happy will not quieten. You need to listen to it!

Dreaming about a robin

dreaming of flamingos

Valerie from Manchester in the United Kingdom describes her dream about a robin

“I had a dream where a bird was flying and landed next to me. It was a small bird and I couldn’t see the front of it but it was sort of like a robin or starling. I can remember thinking that it was my dad sending me a message.

My dad passed away in August 2015 and I nursed him for two years but also we are having problems keeping our house. Could my dream be linked with that?”

The symbols in Valerie’s dream are

  • Starling
  • Robin
  • Father passing away
  • Fear of losing the family home

Robins represent a fresh start and new beginnings, as they appear at the start of spring – a time of regrowth. However, if you had a feeling that the robin represents your father, it probably most certainly does, as our guides and our higher selves send us messages we can understand in our dreams.

Your home represents your security, basic needs, and values. To learn more about what dreaming of houses means, read Interpreting and Remembering Your Dreams: Houses and to understand more about your childhood home, read Dreaming of your childhood home. I know that you did not dream of your family home, but it is very common. Without much detail about your dream, all I can tell you is that if you have a feeling a dream means something – then that is usually the interpretation to go for. I sincerely hope you get to keep your home. Ask your guides for more symbols right before you go to sleep. Ask every night. Be persistent.

Dreaming of flamingos

dreaming of flamingos

Heather describes her bird dream about flamingos

“I dreamed of flamingos! A few flamingos flew by and a took a quick peck at people’s hair. I believe that mine was pecked as well, but it was more of a “friendly” peck.”

The symbols in Heather’s dream are

  • Flamingos
  • Flock
  • Hair
  • Pecking

Well, this is an interesting dream, Heather! Flamingos represent exuberance and a “flock mentality”. A brand new situation may be about to come up for you, perhaps where you need to collaborate with others. Flamingos can also mean that you are overly concerned with your appearance, or how you appear to others. You want to be one of the flock.

To see a flock of birds in your dream can also represent a lack of objectivity in your decision-making and thinking process, and the fact that the flamingos are pecking you, indicates that this could be true. I think you may have concerns about your public image, perhaps at work or within the community. You may be feeling “picked on”. Or maybe (since the flamingo only gave you a “light peck” and the others harder pecks, you feel that someone else is being unfairly picked on, or perhaps a group of people. You may feel that they are being picked on unfairly by other members of the flock.

More information on dreaming of birds

Thanks so much for sending in your dreams. I have written a couple of posts about dreaming of birds, Dreaming of Birds, What is the meaning of birds in your dream and also What does it mean to dream of birds? You may find more useful information there.

Would you like a free dream interpretation? Great! Head to this page and send me an email – but please, no more bird dreams for a while, if that’s OK!

  1. Valerie Cooper
    April 12, 2016

    Thank you for your interpretation of my dream i have seen a robin in the local park it lands on a fence every day when i feed the birds. We have managed to secure our house by contacting the building society and explaining our circumstances so maybe this dream was my dad telling me there was a new begining for us with our house. I really appreciate the time you took to tell me about my dream it all makes sense now.

    1. April 13, 2016

      Hi Valerie,

      Oh! I just got such a happy feeling for you! I really hope everything will be OK – a new beginning for you! All the very best to you and I am so glad for your news about the house.
      Love, Alyce

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