Why do bad things happen to good people

Why do bad things happen to good people?

I like to think of myself as a good person but bad things happen to me all the time. In fact, bad things happen to all people all the time. I have yet to meet or hear of anyone who has not had bad or tough times come to them. Bad things happening are a part of life.

There are many people who say that they do not believe in God. Throughout my life, I have made this very important question something that I have focused on. I was baptised Catholic, raised in a non-religious household, went to an Anglican school, formally studied Gnosticism and Buddhism and have delved quite deeply into study (for interest, mostly) Mormonism, FLDS, Scientology and Orthodox Judaism. I dipped my toe into Islam, but I think I’ll need a bit more energy before I get too deeply into that.

Why do bad things happen to good people

Does God exist? I am not sure and Gnostics and Buddhists pertain that the “self” is God, to put things simplistically. If you have more to say on this, please leave me a message in the comments. Christians believe in the Holy Trinity – that is – God is both within us, separate to us, and a deeper power. It is a difficult concept to grasp, and one that I have meditated on deeply.

There have been times that I deeply believed in God. And there have been times when I did not believe in God. There are times I saw myself as God, in that I concentrated on my “Higher Power”. God is a difficult concept to grasp and if you are Jewish, you are not to even utter his name.

So, many people do not believe in God because they say, “If there is a God, then why do bad things happen to good people?” How can God let us all suffer, sometimes so needlessly?

Why do bad things happen to good people

The answer is: Bad things happen to people who can handle them.

Just think about it. If you are reading this now, it is because you have overcome every single adversity ever in your whole life and have gone on to live another day. Maybe someone in your family has passed away. Maybe someone you love is very sick. Maybe you lost something very dear to you, maybe you are in pain. Perhaps you are addicted, maybe you lost your job. Perhaps the love of your life left you, maybe something is wrong with your child, maybe you hope to have children and are struggling. Bad things happen to good people all the time.

But we can handle them.

You can handle all the adversity that the Universe throws at you. Simply put: if it is thrown at you, you can catch it. The Universe never sends anything our way that we cannot cope with – whatever your personal pain – you can and will cope with it.

Why do bad things happen to good people

When bad things happen to good people – it is time for good people to grow.

If you are in pain, if you are suffering, if something terrible has happened. Take heart. Rise above. Nurture yourself. You will get through this. And the bigger the problem – the stronger you are, the stronger the Universe believes you to be.

  1. Caroline
    January 5, 2017

    I got on your website because I had a very vivid real about being held hostage last night and was looking for its meaning, and then I explored your website further. I like this article too, and I just wanted to leave a message since you said you were interested in your readers’ insights on this: I’m LDS (Mormon), and in our church we believe something similar to what you mentioned above: that humans are gods in embryo. We believe that we will become gods as part of a plan we accepted before we chose to all come to earth. Similarly to what you shared, we believe that as we came to earth we became fallen and imperfect, obtained a physical body to experiencr joy and sorrow. If we choose faith throughout our life and use Christ’s atonement we can become like Him (after all, He himself invited us to do so). And just to clarify since this might sound unfair: Heavenly Father already knows that not all of us will know Christ on this earth or have the full knowledge necessary to become, but that is also part of the plan (fter all, we came here to completely forget what happened before to be truly tested). Anyway, those are my beliefs and thought. They really bring me a deep sense of purpose and hope. Check our website if you are still looking for more meaning: https://www.mormon.org/beliefs/plan-of-salvation

    1. January 5, 2017

      Hi Caroline,

      Wow – thanks so much for getting in touch. I am really, really enlightened by your email. I have been fascinated by the Mormon Church for some time now; I love to study various religions and read memoirs about people of faith, people who have found faith and people who have converted/changed religions. I am truly fascinated by theology. I will check out the link that you sent me, thanks so much. Also, I’d love to interview you about your faith, if you’re up for it! We could do the interview by email and I would make sure the questions are 100% positive and would just serve to reflect the basic premises of the Mormon church, as you personally experience it. Anyway, I will send you a personal email and we can go from there. Thanks so much for the feedback and for leaving your comment. I hope this New Year brings you all the joy and happiness in the world that you seek.

      Love — Alyce

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