When is the best time of day to weigh yourself? 6 tips to ensure an accurate weight measurement

I weigh myself a lot. At times, I weigh myself up to three times a day. I do not think this is a great idea and it borders on an obsession. I have previously written a post on this called To weigh everyday or not? My love-hate relation ship with the scale. There have been times when I have sworn off the scales and there are many women I know who have disordered eating habits and therefore a distorted view of whether they should weigh themselves or not.

Because I weigh myself so often, I have come up with the best way to weigh yourself to ensure you get accurate results.

Many people don’t know this, but water weighs a lot. In fact, if you remember back to science class, 1 litre of water weighs 1 kilo exactly. It’s remarkable. I have never tested how much I can drink in one sitting (well, not with water!) but I would assume that my belly can hold several litres. In fact, there are many studies on what the human stomach’s capacity is. Not all of them agree. Wikipedia says as much as two or three litres. That’s 5.3 UK pints or 6.3 US pints.

Want to know more about understanding the BMI formula? Here is your 10 point BMI cheat sheet.

Tips for getting an accurate weight measurement:

1. Use a consistent scale

I have noticed that scales can vary by as much as 5 kilograms or 11 pounds. Weigh yourself on the same scale every day (or every time you weigh) to ensure you have a consistent measure.

2. Buy a good quality scale

But not too good. A lot of the gee-whiz-bang scales out there are far too fancy in my opinion. You do not need something that will measure your BMI and sing you Taylor Swift songs. Buy a good quality, simple scale.

BMI formula

3. Weigh in the morning, or after your workout

Weigh yourself at the same time every day. This should be in the morning, after your “toilette” routine. For the reasons explained above, it’s best to weigh when there is nothing in your stomach, or in your lower bowel. This is a gross point, but one worth mentioning.

4. Weighing yourself after a cup of coffee can add half a pound

Yes, it can. For the reasons listed above, drinking anything at all will add to your weight in the day.

5. If you are frustrated with your result, go for a walk

…and weigh yourself again. It needs to be a big, big walk – at least two hours. During this walk, consume no water and try to sweat a bit. Take a pedometer and try to clock up at least 15 000 steps. It normally takes me 90 minutes to walk 10 000 steps at a relatively fast pace. When you are done, strip off and stand on your scale. You may have lost a pound or two.

6. Weigh yourself naked

Not in a towel, not in your underwear. Get nekkid, god darn it! This is the only way to guarantee you’ll get an accurate measure. I know women who won’t even put moisturiser on before weighing as they fear that this could add additional grams!

Remember: you are not a number, you are a beautiful human being who has lots to contribute. However, maintaining a healthy weight will ensure that you have the best chance at a healthy life. There are studies that show that slim people are happier. You are not just your body, but your body is a legitimate part of your being, at least for a certain length of time.

Want to know more about understanding the BMI formula? Here is your 10 point BMI cheat sheet.

It’s OK if you don’t weigh what you want to. There is more to life than that!

There are esoteric principles that state that there is karma associated with having a mortal body.

“vasansi jirnani yatha vihaya navani grihnati naro parani tatha sharirani vihaya jirnani anyani samyati navani dehi”.

It means – “The journey of the soul is continuous, just as a man gives up old worn-out garments and wears new clothes; in the same way the embodied “Soul” gives up old worn out bodies and accepts new bodies. In simpler term it means the “Soul” is imperishable. (source)

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