6 ways to give yourself a spiritual boost

At many times, I have felt like I am stuck in a spiritual rut. I would like to tell you that I am not a religious person, however I am very interested in religion and spirituality and it has always been a part of my life, well, ever since I was old enough to start to seriously question who I was and my position in the world. I guess this started to happen to me around age 10. By the time I was 12 or 13, I had changed quite a bit.

Why do I care about spirituality? I just got so bored of everything else. What fascinates me now? Money is nice, holidays are great, food is wonderful, work can be inspiring, babies are cute and puppies make me smile – but there is more to me, and to you.

Ways I get a spiritual boost:

1. By asking questions

“Seek and ye shall find”. Yup, it is from the Bible – don’t worry I won’t quote it more than once in this post. Matthew 7:7 is a gorgeous piece of text – and do not be put off if you are not into Christian stuff – it can be understood and enjoyed by all. 7″Ask, and it will be given to you; seek, and you will find; knock, and it will be opened to you. 8″For everyone who asks receives, and he who seeks finds, and to him who knocks it will be opened.

You know what? I have to include this phrase because it has been so imperative to my spiritual progression. To gain answers, you must ask questions. Seek, ask, look and question everything. Get to the bottom of things. There is help out there. It can come from just about anyone. When we start to seek, we find answers come to us. Talk to yourself, talk to a tree, talk to our neighbour or child – the answers are out there. Start today.

2. Reading spiritual information

Don’t like the Bible? I don’t blame you – it’s hard to read and filled with lots of gobbledygook as well as good stuff. Luckily for us as humans there is a plethora of spiritual information out there. Read widely. Look at books that offend you. Don’t get stuck in the New Age section of your local bookstore – you can deal with harder stuff than that.

I should say – when I began seeking, I would read books like Conversations with God, You Can Heal Your Life and Regeneration Through Fasting but I moved on. Now I’m itching my way through Blavatsky and Egyptian Magic. If these things sound too weird – check out the Koran, the Torah or the Bhagavad Gita. If you’re interested in Buddhism – I don’t know what you should read. Can you tell me?

3. Getting good amounts of sleep, water and food

Often, I feel depleted. When I am tired or hungry, it is hard to feel good. The last three nights I have spent on my own and while it has been quiet and I miss the hard squeezes of The Boyf, it has also been good to do nothing and get some good rest. When I am well rested, I seem to get more messages, dreams and ideas, both spiritual and otherwise.

I will never be one of those people who works 15 hours a day. I need and value my rest and relaxation and anyone who is interested in health should be. If you have been feeling spiritually unfulfilled, are you getting enough rest? Remember to pay attention to your dreams too. This is often where we receive spiritual messages and help. What does it mean to dream of water?

4. Meditation

I bang on about it a lot – Vipassana. It’s challenging but worth it. Prepare to invest 10 days of your life (plus a day either side) and meditate in silence for 10 – 12 hours a day. If this is too much – any meditation will do. Don’t pay for expensive meditation courses – the people who really know what they’re doing will not want to charge you for their help.

The times in my life that I have paid for courses on spiritual things, I often leave feeling cheated, or that my experiences were imaginary. When I do a free course, I invest in it more, as there is nothing holding me there. I have had some profound experiences meditating. If you don’t like meditation, then you need to learn how to love it. It is essential to human progression. That is not my opinion.

5. Hide

I run away frequently. I will always be someone who enjoys my own company. When things get too busy, I run and hide. I make sure that I tell my loved ones when I will return, so they do not fret about me. Sometimes I escape for just an hour – sometimes I run away for weeks or even years. If I need time on my own – I will take it. Having time on my own gives me the ability to maintain my friendship and family relations and work responsibilities.

Without frequent time on my own, I feel bamboozled and stretched. If something major happens to me – I always need time on my own. Following most major disasters in my life (breakups, redundancies, disappointments) I have hopped in a car and driven up the highway. Sometimes I stay away for a week or two. One time I only had the clothes on my back. This makes me feel free. Of course, I am not free. I am just as trapped as every other human being on this ball of rock. I can’t get off.

6. Love and sex

Well, why not? Feeling the love of other people makes me feel closer to my spiritual self. Sex is awesome, but I like all types of love. There is something magical about the male/female polarity. In an esoteric sense, it does not take an act of will to feel attraction and when attraction occurs, there is a free flow of energy. This can be very healing.

I am trying to discover more about my physical self. Of course, this is not the real (or only me) but my physical self is most certainly a reality. I have been blessed with many genuine, loving relationships in my life, often with no sexual component whatsoever. Love is a spiritual faculty – or at least I think it is. I am trying to discover more about this.

Please share your spiritual tips with me? How is your spiritual self? Is she struggling? Is he tired? Are you kicking spiritual goals? Can you share your knowledge with me? 

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