Star Dream Meaning | The Meaning of Stars in Your Dream

Have you had a dream about stars? Finding out the meaning of stars in your dream is important if they are a reoccurring theme for you. My dreamer today is Edele from Clare, Ireland and she has sent me a very beautiful and interesting dream about stars.

Edele’s star dream

“I was dreaming of the night sky and star constellations. They all seemed to be marked out like in a book with the dots connected. At one point I thought they were hidden from me but they weren’t. I saw 3/4 interlocking circles in the sky in a line.”

Your star dream meaning

Star Dream Meaning | The Meaning of Stars in Your Dream | Man

Hey, lucky you, Edele – this dream is a very good omen. Stars symbolise good fortune, good luck, lofty ideals and excellence as well as achievements and success. Nice!

When you dream about stars and constellations, you are thinking of success and your true likes and goals. Stars represent the heavens to us – they are greater and more remote than man – therefore this dream may also mean that you are able (at this time) to trust in the hands of fate.

Stars also represent fame and fortune and the people that we look up to and admire. Think of the Hollywood Walk of Fame where the world’s biggest and brightest stars get an actual star laid in their name here on earth, for everyone to see.

There are also expressions such as “starry eyed” which is what we feel when we are in love, or (and I hate to say it) blinded or a bit delusional at some points. Stars can be blinding, and they are what we see when we are about to faint, so there can also be this element to the dream. Being starry eyed is defined as “having hopes and desires that are not realistic or practical” so consider this meaning as well, Edele. Your dream meanings can be interpreted when you sit and meditate on them.

Dreaming of stars is a spiritual dream

You also mention a very important part of the dream – that the stars were all interlocking and in patterns and that you thought they were hidden from you but they were not. They were intertwined in circles – meaning connection, infinity, wholeness.

This is a very special dream, Edele. This dream is showing you how your soul or spirit is an essential, interlocking part of the universe. The secrets of the universe are not hidden from you at all – they are within you, waiting for you.

What a beautiful dream, Edele. Remember, only you can truly interpret your dreams, so spend some time meditating on these thoughts and see what surfaces for you. A star dream is something very, very special. A star dream has a very spiritual context.

Sweet dreams!

If you would like a Dream Interpretation – head here and send me an email. If you have trouble remembering your dreams, check out this post How to remember your dreams | I can’t remember my dreams


  • Edele Browne says:

    That makes so much sense when you lay it all out like that. I’ve had dreams of the stars and night sky for a few nights after that. Then I was dreaming I was jumping,but really really high,again it was night time and I was able to jump on top of a church and above it still. My dreams can be a little off the wall,I saw someone trying to steal something out of my bag so I didn’t jump any higher I came down.
    Thank you for the fantastic dream analyses I’m going to save this and go over it again later. You did a fantastic job and I was delighted to be picked. Again thank you for everything. You’re very kind.

  • Christy says:

    Hello Alice,

    Could you please interpret my dream. I had a dreamed last night about my roommate who gave me a gold ring to be arranged (the top of the ring is like a crown that I need to arrange the metal stick on it) and again she gave me another one and when I arranged it, the ring formed into a beautiful gold flower. And when I looked up the sky, there were lots of stars formed into a world map. And I saw even the map of Dubai (the place where I am staying right now).

    I had another dream a week ago, a friend of mine came to me and I saw her ring on her finger with heavens with stars and church on top of it.

    I really appreciate your time and effort.

    Thank you very much.



    • Alyce Vayle says:

      Hi Christy,

      What a great dream. Good news for you. “To see or receive a ring in your dream symbolises emotional wholeness, continuity, commitments and honour. If the ring is on your finger, then it signifies your commitment to a relationship or to a new endeavour. You are loyal to your ideals, responsibilities, or beliefs” (source: When we see gold in our dreams – this is indicative of a spiritual reward, so again good news. Flowers again symbolise kindness, compassion, gentleness, pleasure, beauty, and gain.

      What you need to think about is what your roommate and your friend represent to you. Often when we dream of people, it is a message to ourselves. For example, when I dream of my younger sister, it’s often a symbol meaning that I want to protect and look after someone I love (because that’s what she symbolises to me).

      What traits do these 2 people bring to your life? It is these traits/these qualities that are now bringing you golden, spiritual opportunities and gifts. Well done. I think you have been doing some spiritual work and this is a sign that you are on the right track.

      All the love and strength – Alyce

  • Victoria says:

    Hi Alyce,

    Could you also interpret my dream? I was sailing and the waters are so calm and saw also other sailing boat moving across me. While I was on the boat, at the front area actually holding the rope tied to the pole, I raise my head and saw a lot of stars and they are so bright it made the sky grayish blue. I also remembered there in the dream, I felt calm and happy and was feeling the breeze.

    On another dream, I was walking on a road which is familiar because it seemed like the street in our community I used to live when I was a little child. And when I raised my head towards the sky, I saw constellations, I think it was scorpio and an aries but not so sure. The stars are connected by a thin light forming constellations.

    I hope and pray you could enlighten me with these dreams

    • Alyce Vayle says:

      Hi Victoria,
      Thanks for getting in touch about your “stars” dreams – both are very inspiring. Water symbolises your emotions, the boat symbolises the ability you have to cope with your emotions. Stars are your lofty ambitions, your guides. Regarding the dream about your childhood, I suggest you check out my post for some clues on what dreams of your childhood might symbolise. Seeing the constellation of scorpio might have something to do with the energies of that star sign – passion, intensity, loving of ambition.
      I think both dreams are very spiritual and are good signs for you. Look up at the stars tonight in your waking consciousness and see if any more clues come back to you.
      Thank you for getting in touch.


  • Mike says:

    Hi Alyce, I had a dream few days ago when I went to a religious place that I have been wanting to go for a long time. I dreamt that two stars, one below the other is moving from east to west next to a mountain, I had completely forgotten about the dream when I woke up, but yesterday it came to me that I had dreamt about this. Could you please tell me what’s the meaning of this dream?
    Kind regards,

    • Alyce Vayle says:

      Hi Mike,

      Interesting dream. 2 stars, 2 directions for you. Both seem positive. East may symbolise the sun and “inner wisdom”. West might symbolise growth, and it also represents old age, and endings. A mountain is something you have to climb in a spiritual sense; mountains have representation to our inner, spiritual work, to challenges we must overcome to reach enlightenment. I think this dream is showing you a metaphor for your entire spiritual life. East to West, then back again, over the mountain you must overcome. Nothing lasts forever; even our spiritual lifetime is finite. Seize the day – climb the mountain. Don’t leave growth until tomorrow. Start climbing your mountains now. Do not hesitate, your spiritual stars will guide your path.
      Remember that only you can truly interpret your dreams, so meditate further on these messages to see what rings true for you.

      Thanks for sharing that lovely, very spiritual dream.

      Love, Alyce

  • Vivian says:

    Hi Alyce, i dreamt that i was seeing a constellation in form of an axe in the blue night sky . What does it mean?

    • Alyce Vayle says:

      Hi Vivian,

      Thanks for your comment. I have done a bit of research and the meanings I have found for an axe are quite disparate. Some sources say they represent “control” and other sources suggest that axes mean “we need to become aware of the destructive forces within us”. I actually think that an axe is a very positive symbol. When I think of an axe I think of positive destruction. When we wield an axe, we do so deliberately. We take up a tool that is controlled by us, that can hack through things we want to destroy.

      I think the axe means you are ready to take a weapon to predisposed spiritual beliefs – you are ready for a transformation of a spiritual nature. Do not be afraid to break up those old beliefs that are holding you back. Hack, hack, hack away at the old self and cut down the tree of self-doubt and transform, so something new can grow.

      Only you can truly interpret your dreams, so I suggest you meditate on this symbol to understand the deeper meaning.

      Love, Alyce

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