All Gods must die. How to kill your personal gods and demons

All Gods must die. How to kill your personal gods and demons

I saw a poster that said “All Gods Must Die.” I was walking with Baby Obelia yesterday and I saw this poster stuck to an electricity box. It depicted a Hindu god – and the phrase “All Gods Must Die” in capital letters. I stopped pushing the pram, pulled out my camera and took a few snaps of it.

I can’t decide whether I am religious, or an atheist or agnostic

I have written before about atheism, in my post What do atheists believe & where will atheists go when they die? I have always been fascinated by theology, and also the occult. I remember reading everything I could get my hands on, once I learned to read “proper” books, around age 9 or 10.

I devoured content on witches, magic, occultism, ghosts, the supernatural, psychic powers and more. I understood from an early age that there was so much more to this Earthly plane than what most people could hear, see, think and feel. I even interviewed a real life faerie for this blog in Fairies & other elemental beings: what they are and how to connect with them: an interview with Alphedia and more in part 2.

All Gods must die. How to kill your personal gods and demons
Religion was front-and-centre of Ancient Egyptian life. Did they know something we do not?

How I explored religion as a young child

My mother was a staunch “fallen Catholic” and was very much against the strict religious doctrines of the Catholic Church. I, however, wanted to know more, and with my father’s wishes, I went to private sessions with a nun (Sister Zelda, who I owe a lifetime of gratitude to) and went on to receive the Eucharist, and was Confirmed.

I asked Sister Zelda why I had this strong urge to know more, and she said something to me that I have never forgotten. “You were called,” she said. And called I was.

Even though my mother never backed my young religious interest, she never tried to stop me, and I ceased going to church like many young people once puberty hit, and other interests took over (hello, boys!) but I always held religion close to my heart.

The fascination and weirdness of “modern” religious movements

Once an adult, I explored every religion I could. I was particularly interested in “new, modern” religions like Mormonism and Scientology (read my post on Scientology here), and I was also fascinated with strict religions like Orthodox Judaism and Islam. I wrote Why it’s important to do your own research on spiritual organisations because I knew that so many people blindly followed, without questioning dogma.

I read and read everything I could. I wanted to know what led people to a religion, and what made them stay. I also wanted to examine the similarities and differences between religions, to see if there was any “crossover” – and yes, of course there was.

Are “All Gods One God”?

There seems to be a theme with the younger generation today that believes that “All Gods Are One”. If you search the phrase “All Gods Are One God” you will see the image below. The idea is that it was man who gave God his many names, and that they are essentially false; the idea is that there is only one true God, whatever you call Him (or Her, I guess).

All Gods must die. How to kill your personal gods and demons
Have you seen this image online, or on social media? Do you think “All Gods Are One God”?

Throughout my life I have at times believed:

That there is one God.

That there are many gods.

That there is no god.

That I am God.

That the Self is God.

That there is a Trinity: The Father, The Son, The Holy Spirit.

What does that all mean?

Honestly, I am not sure, and this has been a lifetime quest for me, and I will continue to question and ask for answers, because that is my job as a human, and  have frequently asked the question How to cope when you think “I have lost my way spiritually”. I have found the Bible verse Matthew 7:7 to be true: Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you.

If you make it your business to find out answers, they will be given to you. When the student is ready, the Master will appear. Take heart. You are not alone, and these confusing questions are there for a reason. They are the only things that really matter in this lifetime. As yourself: How do I gain a Spiritual Awakening in this lifetime? What else are you here to do?

Even atheists bleed

My former boss and mentor, Milton, passed away a few years ago at only age 45. He died suddenly of a heart attack, leaving three children and a wife. Even though he was an atheist, his funeral was in a church; and we sang religious hymns, and his eulogy was given by a priest. It was a fitting way to mourn.

Imagine if there was no religion, and all funerals were officiated by government officials. “I now declare Alyce Vayle to be dead. I herein declare her tax file number to be void.”

I believe wholly and fully in the afterlife and I couldn’t imagine that there are people who genuinely don’t. I go into this in more detail in my post How to cope when you think “I have lost my way spiritually”.

All Gods must die. How to kill your personal gods and demons
Here is the poster I found in my neighbourhood, that said “All Gods Must Die”. It’s true, they all need to die – these false gods within.

Why must All Gods Die

However, the sign in the street struck a chord with me. It was completely true. I have practised Vipassana before, which is a Buddhist meditation technique. Read about my experience at Vipassana’s 10 day, silent mediation camp here.

One thing I noticed studying various religions and techniques was the process of eradicating The Self. As humans, we have a “monkey mind” swinging wildly from here to there, from happiness to sadness, and back again. We know no real peace on this Earth. “All life is suffering” is a key tenement of Buddhism (please correct me if I am wrong, by commenting in the comments section below).

We need to kill these false gods within ourselves. The gods that have us bent over a barrel; the gods that cause us to feel envious, the gods that cause us to hate ourselves and abuse substances or food; the gods within that cause us to react to people and situations.

They all need to die – these false gods within.

How do I kill these false gods within me?

And that’s the biggest question to answer. What techniques will allow me to kill these gods, and make it so that I am a free Being? How do I work on myself? Will it happen naturally, or do I need to apply a technique, or outside force?

I am afraid I do not have the answers. But I will keep looking. I will keep seeking. I will probably not get the answers within this lifetime, and life gets so busy that spirituality falls by the wayside. Every day is a struggle.

But All Gods Must Die. Through the process of dying, through The Death, we let go of these false gods, and we allow the reality of who we really are to be freed.

Thank you for reading and please leave me a comment in the comments section below.

All Gods must die. How to kill your personal gods and demons
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All Gods must die. How to kill your personal gods and demons
Here’s how to investigate killing off your inner demons, by applying the spiritual Death. Don’t waste your life; exorcize your personal gods.
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