What does it mean to dream of empty rooms?

Sometimes in our dreams the houses we see actually represent us and our spiritual self. Think about the position in the house as this could also be significant – a bedroom symbolises our inner self, our private self while a basement or lower room may represent our lower selves or our hidden desires. A dream of empty rooms can be a vital clue as to what will happen next for you!

Finding new rooms in a house in your dreams

I have a reoccurring dream where I find a new room in a house that I have explored many times before. This is symbolic of finding a ‘new’ part of yourself – it is a dream of self-discovery. When we dream of houses, we are dreaming of our humanly house – our body. But this is not just a representation of our physical body but all that our humanly body encompasses – including our earthy personality and karma.  Our humanly body is a gift from the Universe and it does not come for free – we have a debt to pay for the gift of our humanly bodies and we must look after them.

Do you ever dream of empty rooms?

Do you ever dream of empty rooms?

Have you found a new room in a house in your dream? What does dreaming of finding a new room mean? Read my post here for more information.

The importance of taking care of your humanly body

Recently here in Australia, a sky diving instructor with over 10 000 jumps under his belt died after his parachute became tangled with another experienced sky diver. This strikes me as extremely reckless and I am mystified as to why people understand the dangers of taking drugs recklessly, but tend to applaud people who take unnecessary physical risks with their bodies.

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Another story of vain recklessness I came across was Everest climber Beck Weathers. He ended up losing both his hands to frostbite and would have died if it wasn’t for a miracle and his wife’s tenacity in organising a helicopter to air lift him off the mountain. Yes, that’s right. He was a married father – on whom several people relied – and he chose to endanger his humanly body in such a way. I think this is quite selfish.

dream of empty rooms beck weathers

Beck Weathers suffered frostbite after climbing Mount Everest. He lost both hands.

But Beck was depressed – that’s why he took the extreme decision of scaling Mount Everest. He had a stressful job, working in a lab and was unfulfilled in his marriage and life in general, despite loving his wife and kids. So he took matters into his own hands.

“Depression was a controlling aspect of my life. I got pretty suicidal for a while, to the extent that it was scaring the hell out of me,” the scientist says. “’The one thing that did help was driving my body to extremes. If you’re working yourself hard physically, it gives you this wonderful sense of drawing into yourself and all the problems of your existence disappear. Climbing became a very logical extension of that.”

What do houses symbolise in dreams: When you dream of empty rooms?

I have blogged about this before and found that dreams relating to a house often refers to various aspects of the Self. When trying to analyse the house in your dream, consider also how the house is kept and the condition of it.  The rooms in the house relate to facets of your personality. Your body is your house here on Earth, so if your house is dirty or run down, the dream may be warning you that you need to look after yourself a little better.

What do rooms in dreams symbolise?

What do you remember about the rooms in the house you saw? Were the rooms small or large? Were they clean or dirty? Were you lost in the house, or could you get yourself around easily? How tall were the ceilings? Did you feel trapped in the house, or did you feel warm and cosy?

Consider all these little details and write them down. They may be an indication of what you are experiencing in your own internal house – your body. Carl Jung supposed that empty rooms could symbolise parts of ourselves that we are yet to realise.

What is the furniture (or lack of it) in the room? What does this mean?

“We all have to dwell somewhere; this is a truth in the inner world, as much as the outer.  And, as in the outer world, so in the inner: our house has characteristics, and our relationship to it is changed by our choices,” says Brain Collision. The website discusses Jungian theory and is very thorough in its summations of dream symbols.

dream of empty rooms

Check whether your “dream rooms” are furnished, or not.

Write down everything you can about the furniture (or lack of it) in your dream. Read my post on What Does it Mean to Dream of Houses and think deeply (meditate) on what you have seen in your dream. We all have to live somewhere, says Brain Collision, and this is true of the inner world as well. The house symbolises you and your personality – the rooms in the house are aspects of this, the furniture in the rooms is also symbolic. What era is the furniture from? Is it well maintained? Is it “rich” or is it “poor”?

How can I remember my dreams?

I have given some tips in this post and they include, keeping a dream journal, living a clean lifestyle and writing your dreams down. Read my post here for some additional tips and remember to be very patient with yourself. Good luck on your journey!


  • Alejandra says:

    I have dreams about all type of houses, with furniture not furniture , houses that are long and long with not end. Houses that are full of people and sometimes pretty empties. Full of snakes or scorpions , or sorround for a lot of windows. I was thinking that probably I’m having not stable personality, Or I think I haven’t done things in my life that I left behind and ignore.

    • Alyce Vayle says:

      Hi Alejandra-

      That’s good news. As I mention in the post, dreams of houses are common and the house usually represents the “self” – your humanly body. Dreaming of snakes and scorpions may represent aspects of your personality that you need to think about. Try to write down your dreams and meditate on the symbols you get in your dreams to fully understand the meaning. We all have things in our waking lives that we are ignoring – and sometimes dreams can help us to see these things. Dreams like the ones you are having are true gifts from your consciousness. Revel in them and do not be afraid. Good luck on your spiritual journey.


  • Michelle says:

    I had a dream that I was with my daughter ( she is an adult) and we drove to a house where many people were walking around looking I looked at plants and stop to talk to somebody about a tree I thought was interesting and my daughter was gone. Then I went to look for her and could not find her and asked somebody to help meI could not find her. I started looking and was in a large crowd of people in a basement like area that had no sides to the house I went back up the steps and was in a room that was a mess open the door and look down to an empty basement nobody was around the floor was wet as is or if it had rained and I was confused and did not know what to do . What dose this mean

  • Nick xx says:

    So I was dreaming as normal last night, I was in one dream and it started fading into another. Yet this dream I woke up on a couch in what appeared to be an empty basement room, only it wasn’t like a dream I’d had before. While I was waking up on this “couch” in the dream, I became completely away of myself in the psyical world. How my body was laying, the music playing, I knew it was a dream but I soon realized it wasnt a dream. I’ve been out of my body before, but this time it felt like someone called me there or if I stumbled upon someone else’s space between space.

  • Leila says:

    I have had dreams since I was a kid about being in an empty black room and a random person is in one of the corners of the room coming closer to me and screaming my name. But I never remember seeing their face. The dream occurs every few months and I cant think of anything that might be triggering it.

    • Alyce Vayle says:

      Hi Leila, thanks for sharing your dream with us. Try meditating on your dream in your waking hours and keeping a dream journal to try to identify any patterns. Sweet dreams.

      Alyce x x

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