10 Online Dating Tips For Men Who Really Need Help With Women

10 online dating tips for men who really need help with women

What are some online dating tips for men? Could you meet the love of your life by dating online? I have to admit something here, The Boyf and I met online, more than seven years ago. We are now happily married (he’s my husband now!) and we have a baby girl. Life is good. Flashback […]

8-questions-you-shouldn’t-ask-on-a first-date-dating-advice

8 Questions You Shouldn’t Ask On a First Date

Are you going on a first date? Here’s some advice for you: A first date is quite a responsible event, let’s face it, if we consider it in more detail, we can distinguish several components – questions, answers, neutral conversation, emotions. If you want your date to be successful, you should prepare for it in advance. […]