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8 Questions You Shouldn’t Ask On a First Date

Are you going on a first date? Here’s some advice for you: A first date is quite a responsible event, let’s face it, if we consider it in more detail, we can distinguish several components – questions, answers, neutral conversation, emotions. If you want your date to be successful, you should prepare for it in advance. Communication is the main component of any date.

Let’s pay more attention to the questions since they mainly keep the conversation going. Often we say something spontaneously, out of habit, thoughtlessly. The same goes for the questions. If the answer to the question is difficult, the conversation slows down, your companion begins worrying, and the date gradually gets off the right rhythm.

So, which questions should you avoid on the first date? Of course, there can be many of them, depending on the specific situation. But we’ll consider the most common ones.

Getting the right dating advice is essential to going on a successful first date.

Never ask “How are you?” when on a First Date

It’s a fairly innocuous question. But it doesn’t get the conversation further. People often ask it ostensibly for propriety’s sake, but in fact, they do it because they simply don’t know where to start. This question is unoriginal and trivial. And often ends with the same answer: “I’m fine, thanks.”

Where do we go?

Men better plan where to go or invite a girl in advance. Usually, they do so, taking them to the cinema, cafes, etc. But movies eventually end, and sitting at the table gets boring. And the question where to go next arises. Keep this question to yourself, and voice your ideas aloud. Better forget the questions like “Maybe we should come to my place?” and so on. There’s a great chance to scare a girl away.

Tell me about yourself. What are you doing in life?

Not everyone loves vigorous activities and has a variety of hobbies. Even if there is something to tell, some people just don’t know how to do it. It’s too direct and harsh question, sometimes it confuses others. When asked the same question, it is better to answer something like: “I prefer talking, not telling.” Learn about a person while talking to each other, and not through such a banal question.

What kind of men (women) do you like?

If someone agreed to go on a date with you, there is a potential sympathy. And you’ll learn more details later. Why rush things? Anyways, a man will not tell a blonde that he likes brunettes; and a woman will not tell that she is crazy about the hot muscular brunettes when a fair-haired fat guy is sitting in front of her.

How old are you?

Probably everyone knows that it’s not appropriate to ask a lady such a question. So don’t do it. She most likely will not keep it a secret for long, anyway.

Why do you ask? (When answering any other question)

If your companion asks you about something, then he/she is interested in it. Maybe it’s an attempt to keep the conversation going, get closer, and learn more about you. And the question: “Why do you ask?” is like a stick in the wheel.

Can I kiss you?

You should never ask a girl for permission to kiss her. Just look at her – if she turned her head, it means you can’t (but not always). And you can see from her eyes whether you can do it or not. Therefore, it is better to take the initiative without asking.

Do you like me?

It’s a question for those who don’t want a long dialogue (because there are still a few possible dates). You can tell from your companion’s behaviour whether she/he likes you or not. Do not rush things. If she/he writes or calls you after the date, it’s a good sign.

The incorrectness of these questions may seem obvious. But often they just pop up spontaneously. And if some questions can be quite harmless (relatively), then others can cause irritation, embarrassment, and disappointment, which can spoil the date and the further development of the relationship. Therefore, think before you talk.

8 Questions You Shouldn’t Ask On a First Date
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8 Questions You Shouldn’t Ask On a First Date
Are you about to go on a first date? Having a great first date conversation is important. Here are 8 questions you shouldn’t ask on a first date
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