How to Get Through Extreme Pain: The Tools Book Review: The Reversal of Desire

We all go through pain, usually daily. Sometimes the pain is mild (“Jeez it’s cold in here!”) sometimes it’s sharp (“Oh shit I just got fired.”) and how we learn to cope with pain can make or break us. Every now and then, in our lives we can experience immense amounts of pain, usually due […]

What’s Wrong with My Body? The Parts I Love and Hate

I thought it was high time I blogged about my boobs again. My posts on my breasts have been among the most popular on my site, which doesn’t surprise me as my boobs have always been popular in general. I am a straight woman, but I have to admit that I love breasts. All in […]

You Know Those Customers You Want to Kill? Yesterday I Was One…

The day started badly. I knew that I had to have breakfast with the girls from work, and although I admired their efforts towards socialising in the workplace, I hate my morning routine being thrown out. I didn’t want to have to wait until 10am to have my breakfast, so rather than get what I […]

Anorexia and Bulimia: Portia de Rossi talks

I have stopped keeping books when I’ve finished them. I pass them on to friends, or leave them in the communal laundry upstairs in my apartment building. There are few books I wished I’d kept a copy of. Portia de Rossi’s book Unbearable Lightness is one of those books. I have to admit that I […]

Why I Don’t Mind the C Word, But Don’t You Dare Call Me “Bitch”

I have always had a problem with the word “Bitch”. I don’t like it, and if you feel the same, well hold onto your cotton knickers because it’s going to appear quite a lot in this blog post. The term is so common now; there is even a wiki entry on its origin. Just so […]

Imagine Running a Porn Ring from Your Suburban Home

Not Your Ordinary Housewife: Book Review That’s the theme of this book Not Your Ordinary Housewife by Nikki Stern. In the 1980s, Nikki found herself in Amsterdam and in love. She was a glass-blower and artist, living in a communal lesbian squat, dressing in leather, safety pins and fishnets. She meets Paul, a younger, Dutch […]

Should You Put Your Fat Kid on a Diet?: “The Heavy” Dara-Lynn Weiss Review

The Heavy: By Dara-Lynn Weiss. She’s the “Vogue” mom who put her chubby daughter on a diet so the kid would look better at upscale Manhattan parties – or so Weiss’ bad press would have you believe. The truth is very, very different. I definitely do not agree with everything this modern mother has done, […]

Are You Re-Living Your Childhood Pain Via Destructive Relationships? | Issues from childhood

Are You Re-Living Your Childhood Pain Via Destructive Relationships?

I have just finished the self-help relationships book I Love You and I’m Leaving You Anyway by Tracy McMillan. Life was tough for Tracy. What would you do if your father was a pimp, a drug dealer and a womaniser who left you abandoned to fend for yourself in a series of foster homes from […]

How to Spot an Emotional Vampire in 10 Steps

Emotional vampires: I have one in my life. I have been one. I see them every day. What are the signs that one of your nearest and dearest is sapping the life out of you? If you know an emotional vampire, I am sorry for you. But how can you be sure? Well, I have […]