By the Bay: A Pathetic Poem

I saw a lover alone near the water The lonely woman inside my head I kissed her blankly and she waited for me to find myself instead   I went to see a new big city I found myself a job up there I walked around sad and lonely and always hid the fact I […]

Sound Producers: Why They’re the Grumpiest Dudes in Radio

I pushed open the heavy, sound-proofed door to the production studio. It was the coldest and the most kitted-out place in the radio station. Andrew sat at a huge desk which was covered in knobs and faders, buttons and dials; like a radio panel, but twice as long. Facing the desk were four separate computer […]

Which Colleges and Universities Rank Among the Best in the World?

How do you rank a university? The Times Higher Education World Reputation Rankings were released in early March and after three years of ranking educators, the system has indicated a few surprises. The method they used to collect data on the institutions was quite interesting: to complete the survey, scholars were given questions around the […]

The 15 Worst Mistakes You Can Make on Your Resume

Find your resume. Hold it in your hand or upload it to your screen. We are now going to check it for any of these 15 common resume mistakes. If your resume contains any of them, it’s a sign that it could be a good time to do an update. These are suggestions only. By […]


Dealing with pressure: How to manage stress at work 5 ways

When the heat is on at work or in life, how are you at dealing with pressure?  Do you feel that you often crack under pressure? So, how to manage stress at work? There was an interesting test done by Michigan State University where a large group was split into three and taught to play golf. The […]

Your Emotional Map: How to Deal with a Personal Crisis at Work

What sort of a person are you? How do you cope under pressure? When problems occur in our lives they often make concentrating at work difficult – but occasionally a serious personal event may occur that is so traumatic that you need to work out a coping strategy. How do you do that when you’ve […]

Blog writing tips: 10 essential steps not to miss! | Blogger

Blog writing tips: 10 essential steps not to miss!

There are many blog writing tips that you need to know, so let’s get started. You’ve got a great blog. You just want people to read it – but are you making it easy for them? I’ve consulted multiple blog sites to gather the top tips to make your blog more readable. Check this quick […]

10 of the Best: How to Be Like Your Favourite Career Men and Women

Careers: the concept is a modern one. Before the industrial revolution, people had jobs, titles, vocations and passions. They didn’t talk about “climbing the corporate ladder” and “putting in a 9 to 5”. People have always achieved things. “Careerists” have always strived to advance and to make a difference. There are some men and women […]

A Depressing Short Story about a Selfish Woman and an Uncaring Man

Depressing Short Story – from my own personal collection Sally was drunk again. She had to hide the bottle from her husband, who was asleep in the next room. It hadn’t always been like this. Not very long ago she had been a normal person. But now all she felt were feelings of remorse and […]

Why Do Radio Stations have so Many Studios?

The reason most radio stations have three studios is that generally speaking, the on-air audio will get thrown from one studio to the other when the shift is changing, so that there is no gap on air. One announcer will be finishing off his show in studio one and the next announcer will be in […]

Work Totally Sucks? 15 Signs That it’s Time to Switch Jobs

Feeling dissatisfied in your job and not sure if you should start looking for a new position? How do you identify if it’s time to move on? There are several indicators that you can use as a determining factor. Have a look at this list below and see if any of these signs sound familiar. […]

Putting the Worst Swear Word to Air: My Dumb Delay Button Drama

Panelling involves coordinating everything to allow a show to go to air by operating the studio panel’s faders, mics, ads system, CDs, sound levels and switches. When you are a panel operator, it’s your job to make sure that the talk-breaks are kept to the designated length by giving the host/s the wind-up and countdown […]

Do You Have Perfect Office Manners? Check This List of 30 To See How You Rate!

Do you have perfect office manners? The workplace has changed, and we have to evolve along with it. One of my goals for 2013 is to have better manners, be more respectful of people, and to try to make people feel happy and at ease in my presence. Amazon Askville says, “Manners create a framework that […]

The Most Important Things to Know When asking Your Boss for a Flexible Working Arrangement

I had an argument with my friend yesterday – she’s a manager who looks after 40 staff and is struggling to accommodate everyone’s requests for flexible working arrangements. I, on the other hand, have enjoyed working for a company that actively encouraged its workers to work flexibly: within that organisation there were job sharing directors, […]