What your picks from the TV Guide reveal about your personality

Imagine opening an old TV Guide and flipping through the pages – remembering the old TV shows you loved in the 80s and 90s. What would the shows you selected to re-watch reveal about your personality? Does your inner nerd come out watching Doogie Howser,M.D.? Did you freak out with Who Killed Laura Palmer? Did […]

My job interview at the Big Boys’ radio club: Radio Slave – an excerpt

I was a beggar now and beggars can’t be choosers.  My tactic would be to simply apply for every job I thought I was qualified for, both in radio and out. For the first time in my life I began to think about my future. Chasing the ego-driven dreams of my youth seemed like a […]


Radio: Fewer Stars, More Marketing Integration

This post was orignally published on Crikey. Read the full article here. It’s not the same game for radio announcers any more, writes freelance journalist Alyce Vayle. Broadcasters are more concerned about cross-platform integration — but is the sector becoming boring? The value of on-air stars to radio networks is diminishing. The companies that pay the bills […]

Sound Producers: Why They’re the Grumpiest Dudes in Radio

I pushed open the heavy, sound-proofed door to the production studio. It was the coldest and the most kitted-out place in the radio station. Andrew sat at a huge desk which was covered in knobs and faders, buttons and dials; like a radio panel, but twice as long. Facing the desk were four separate computer […]

Why Do Radio Stations have so Many Studios?

The reason most radio stations have three studios is that generally speaking, the on-air audio will get thrown from one studio to the other when the shift is changing, so that there is no gap on air. One announcer will be finishing off his show in studio one and the next announcer will be in […]

Putting the Worst Swear Word to Air: My Dumb Delay Button Drama

Panelling involves coordinating everything to allow a show to go to air by operating the studio panel’s faders, mics, ads system, CDs, sound levels and switches. When you are a panel operator, it’s your job to make sure that the talk-breaks are kept to the designated length by giving the host/s the wind-up and countdown […]

Radio in the 90s: An Excerpt

Back in the late 90s, we played all the music from actual CDs, now of course everything is programmed in by specialist computer programs. I was introduced to the announcer Aleesha and I instantly thought she was the coolest person I had ever met. I decided then and there that I wanted to be her; […]

Trading the Radio Mic for the Gavel

Jason Khay’s Total Career Turnaround Jason Khay had been working his dream job for over a decade, but the dream was no longer as fulfilling as it once was. Khay was a radio “all-rounder”; an announcer, panel operator and producer. It was a career that he really enjoyed, but he felt that new opportunities for him […]