5 Tips to Successful Dating in Houston (Or Anywhere!)

5 Tips to Successful Dating in Houston (Or Anywhere!)

Dating in Houston is always exciting, because the city is full of people from different backgrounds and cultures. One of my oldest friends is Dutch, an Amsterdamer, and she has recently returned from a holiday to Texas where she really got into the local theatre, bar and club scenes. It looked like she was having a ball!

Sadly (or happily, depending on how you look at it), my dating days are now over. But previously I have spent a lot of time writing about dating and how to heal from breakups, and even how to know if you’re dating an asshole (disclaimer, I was).

I met my now husband online, which is a very common way to meet people these days. But it was how he conducted himself in real life (IRL) that made me fall in live with him. When you are dating, first impressions really matter. If you are going out on a date in Houston, you may be wondering what you should wear, where to meet, what to say and how much to say. Here are tips to make your dating in Houston (or anywhere, really!) a success.

5 Tips to Successful Dating in Houston (Or Anywhere!)

Create a killer first impression

First impressions matter. While it’s important to be true to yourself (don’t wear bright lipstick or false nails if you don’t usually wear them), you need to be the “best version” of yourself for your first date. Make sure you think about your look, wear neat, and in-date clothes, smell good, do your hair and for god sake show up on time.

Choose the meeting venue carefully

Where will you meet? It is advisable to meet in a public place that is familiar to both of you especially if it is your first date. One of the best places suitable for a date is a restaurant since there are plenty of restaurants in Houston. There are many restaurants that might meet your needs including the one that (according to the media!) serves the best Italian food in Houston. Find out the kind of food your date likes and choose a restaurant that serves the food.

Venture further afield

Houston is overflowing with so many exciting places that you can visit during your date in Houston. For instance, for wine lovers, the Wine Trail is one of the city’s main attractions, and there are so many companies that do fun, exclusive tours. You could also visit the science museum, art museum and the theatre district. Or, for something more scenic, go for a picnic in Buffalo Bayou Park.

Be confident; stupid!

Going on lots of dates can take a toll on you, and if it’s the first date you might be more than a little nervous. Studies show that confidence is highly rated when you are choosing who to date. If you are a bit shy, don’t worry. The right person will see you for who you are and after a few dates, things will get easier and easier. Hold your head up, shoulders back and smile. Read my post on What to do when you’ve lost your confidence for more tips.

5 Tips to Successful Dating in Houston (Or Anywhere!)
Houston is the most populous city in the state of Texas, and the fourth most populous city in the United States

Be mindful of what you talk about

Listen up, people! This is important. There are many topics that you shouldn’t touch on during the first date. By all means, be honest, be yourself, be upfront – but information needs to be given in a timely fashion, at an appropriate time. Keep the mood light – you are getting to know this person, after all. Do not talk about your ex, do not talk about problems with your family, focus on the good parts of your job and don’t sound negative by bad mouthing people, whoever they are.

Dating in Houston (or anywhere!) can be a lot of fun

Hopefully I will make it to Houston before too long; I am dying to experience the city’s delights and experience the night life and bar culture for myself. If you’ve been dating in Houston, I’d love to hear how it’s going for you! Tell me in the comments below.

5 Tips to Successful Dating in Houston (Or Anywhere!)
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5 Tips to Successful Dating in Houston (Or Anywhere!)
Are you keen to try dating in Houston? The dating scene in this vibrant, Texas city can be full of fun and action but there are some essential rules to abide by.
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