Life Goals: The 15 Signs To Notice When You're Winning At Life

Life Goals: The 15 signs to notice when you’re winning at life

Are you winning at life? Well, you should be! Each and every one of us wants to live our best life, we’re limited in the years that we get so it’s important to make the most of them. During our lifetimes, we can develop habits and ideas that actually hinder us and our ability to be happy, and many people waste years of their lives and look back with some regret. If you’re worried about this then this is a sure sign that it’s time to make a change.

Back in 2011, Charlie Sheen coined the phrase “winning!” spectacularly after he was dramatically axed from his show Two and a Half Men for calling his boss a few (pretty bad) names. The phrase took off, and it’s now entered the mainstream lexicon.

We all have good times and bad times in life, one of my favourite expressions is, “You never know how good you had it until you’re on the way down.” That expression serves as a bit of a warning – reminding us to be present in the moment and to enjoy what we have right now. The good news is that even if you’ve hit a rough patch – it won’t last forever. I wrote a very sad post a few years back called When Does Sadness Become Depression?

If you are winning at life, then there are a few signs you can pay attention to. Here’s some of them.

Life Goals: The 15 Signs To Notice When You're Winning At Life

#1: You put emphasis on the importance of mental and physical health

Feeling healthy and happy are two of the most important things in life. If you want to live to your best potential, then staying happy and healthy through good lifestyle choices is essential. Eat well, when your body has balance and all of the nutrition it needs it’s able to thrive.

#2: You exercise regularly

It helps to find something you genuinely enjoy so it doesn’t feel like a chore. Exercise doesn’t need to mean hitting the gym or jogging at 6 am before work, it can be swimming, hiking with your dog, a dance class with friends or a group sport.

#3: You get proper sleep

As well as diet and exercise, getting enough sleep and enough relaxation time is good for both mental and physical health. If you are having trouble with rest periods then read Can’t Fall Asleep Easily? Make These Lifestyle Changes for a Better Sleep.

#4: You find the time to recharge

You need time for your mind and body to repair, so prioritise relaxation and see it as vital rather than a luxury. A healthy lifestyle isn’t a diet or an exercise regime, it’s a lifestyle where eating well, keeping active and generally looking after yourself becomes second nature. When you’re living in a way that your body and mind are kept healthy, you’re well on your way to living your best life. You’ll radiate confidence where you look great, you’ll be full of energy and generally more open to saying yes to opportunities.

#5: You’re fulfilled at work

When you’re winning at life, work is ideally going well. For most of us, work is a way to pay the bills. However, just because it’s a means to an end doesn’t mean you shouldn’t get something out of what you do. If you’re unhappy at work then this is a significant chunk of your week that your unhappy.

#6: Time for a career change?

You need to find something interesting or fulfilling in what you do. For some, this might mean making a complete career change– going back into education to gain qualifications to then apply for jobs/. For others, it might mean transferring to another department or working towards a promotion.

#7: You think about getting a promotion

It helps to have some kind of career progression, even if you’re happy where you are right now you know that you have something more you can be working towards eventually. This stops you from becoming stagnant in your career and keeps you improving. Winning at life is just the consequence.

#8: You manage your money well

Money isn’t everything in life, but it is important- there’s no denying that. Without money we can’t put a roof over our head, feed ourselves or do the things we want to do. Whether you earn a little or a lot, the important thing is how well you manage this money. This is an important life goal to have.

Need ideas? Here are 4 New Ways to Make Money Online While You Blog.

#9: You set a budget

Set a budget and stick to it, stay within your means. If you’re in debt, come up with a plan to get out of it. This could mean making cutbacks or taking on a second job to earn more money. Here are some great budget apps you can download to help you out.

#10: You treat yourself

Yes, even when you are saving, it’s important to reward yourself with small incentives to keep you motivated. This might be a new outfit, a new book, a useful app or a ticket to the movies. “The more you treat yourself positively, the less you’ll want or need to be negative,” says Jane Fonda.

#11: You’re happy in your friendships and relationships

As we get older we come to realise that people aren’t perfect. We do have to accept that sometimes people do make mistakes, they can upset us at times, lash out when they’re having a hard time and generally not be very nice. But we go through the ups and downs with those we care about (as they do with us) because we know that they are good people.

#12: Learn when to say “no”

However, the trouble starts when you end up in a position where these people are behaving badly all the time. Maybe they take advantage, make us feel bad about ourselves, never make us a priority or even act violently. It’s important to know when to draw the line, when to say enough is enough and stop spending time with that person.

#13: Move on from bad relationships

If you’re in a relationship this could mean breaking up, moving out and going your separate ways. In a marriage, it would mean speaking to divorce lawyers and dividing up your assets. Please note, I believe that divorce should really be a last option but if it’s what you decide, speak to a professional and get proper advice.

#14: Say goodbye to toxic friends

When it comes to friends, you might need to have a difficult conversation and explain that you’ll no longer be seeing them. As tough as these things are, freeing yourself from toxic people can massively benefit your life.

#15: You have hobbies and activities you enjoy

When you are winning at life, you can easily find things that you love to do. Depressed people often feel the opposite; that nothing at all piques their interest anymore and that life can become dull.  Having hobbies and interests helps you to meet new people, keeps you productive and helps you to learn new skills. Whether it’s flower arranging, flying drones or anything in between, find your passion and enjoy!

Life Goals: The 15 Signs To Notice When You're Winning At Life
Actor Javier Bardem

Here’s to winning at life!

Life goals change over time, and that’s OK! Your life is valuable and precious and you need to remember how special every day is. Actor Javier Bardem (above) has said: I think the most difficult love begins with one’s self. How you treat yourself is something you bring to your relationships.

Life Goals: The 15 Signs To Notice When You're Winning At Life
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Life Goals: The 15 Signs To Notice When You're Winning At Life
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