3 Things To Do Today When You’re Looking For A Job

3 Things to do today when you’re looking for a job

Looking for a job can be pretty tough. It can take a long time, require a lot of energy, be slightly soul-destroying and might even make you depressed – but hey, it’s part of life, and knowing how to go about looking for a job is one of life’s skills to be mastered.

Looking for a job is easy if you approach it in the right way

Maybe you have recently been made redundant, or have lost your job. You might have recently moved, or are reskilling. Maybe you are feeling stuck in your current position… It’s a tough time for workers, many of whom feel trapped in their jobs because of a lack of progression and more that can make it difficult to climb the career ladder and achieve your goals.

“The pressure is building in our daily lives, with a cocktail of stress, financial issues, job insecurity and isolation literally killing us,” says journo Emma Reynolds. “Workers whose jobs are insecure are likely to be under more stress than others, particularly if finances are an issue… concerns over job security (have) soared across the developed world.”

While you can wait around for opportunities to arise, sometimes you just need to do things yourself. If you want to develop in your career or chase that promotion, then you’re going to need to work hard to succeed. Here are 3 ways to begin the job seeking process right now.

3 Things To Do Today When You’re Looking For A Job

#1: Seek shadowing opportunities

Interning, work experience, shadowing – whatever you call it – it’s no longer just for school leavers and the young. It can be difficult to get the experience you need to move onto the next stage of your career, but it’s not impossible. Seeking and creating your own opportunities to gain experience can help you get the skills you need to move up, and many of them will be available in your own workplace. Shadowing has many benefits and is a great way to get on-the-job training.

Many employers are supportive of shadowing opportunities, and in many cases – if you don’t ask, you don’t get. Ask those above you or those in other departments for the opportunity to shadow them for a period of time and express interest in their work. When opportunities do arise, they’ll remember your willingness to learn and be more likely to consider you. Looking for a job might seem hard but begin here and just start the process.

#2: Undertake training

Training can benefit your career in many ways, and while it can help you progress in your current role, learning new skills can also make it possible to move to a different company if better opportunities exist elsewhere. Make the most of the training and development offered by your company, and consider some external training too.

Achieving qualifications off your own back, from a master’s degree to something as specific as a heavy rigid truck licence shows that you’re committed to your career and are willing to do what it takes to succeed. Many companies offer grants for employees to develop their skills outside of the office, so don’t be afraid to ask for opportunities.

#3: Consider a side hustle

Many people undertake a side hustle or some freelance work in addition to their full-time job. While this can provide some additional income to your salary, it can also be a way for you to develop your skills outside of work.

Being able to demonstrate experience of managing your own workload and clients, as well as using your skills to greater effect, you can become a much more attractive candidate the next time you try for a job. Working from home successfully requires some discipline, but who knows, your freelance or side hustle could even turn into a full-time career if you put the hours in!

Job seeking is tough – but don’t let it get you down!

Boosting your skills is a great way to help your career, and doing things off your own back will be sure to impress your employers. Seek out opportunities and start saying yes to things and you’ll soon make strides up the ladder to enjoy a successful career. How will you achieve that next big promotion? Start making plans today.

3 Things To Do Today When You’re Looking For A Job
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3 Things To Do Today When You’re Looking For A Job
If you’re looking for a job the task can seem daunting – but it doesn’t need to be. Make a difference to your career and skills with these 3 tips.
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