Weird & Easy Ways to Run a Greener Business

Weird & easy ways to run a greener business

Do you aspire to run a greener business? Well, you should! When it comes to looking after the environment, each one of us needs to do our bit – and this means that your business should get some attention for its environmental impact.

Ready to run a greener business?

It may sound dramatic but it’s all too true – hitting your personal and professional environmental targets is essential for the survival of our planet, and also the survival of your business. One of the biggest mistakes business people make is assuming that all green measures are going to be costly and time-consuming, when in fact, many of them are affordable or even free. So, here are just a few of the top ways that you can run a greener business.

Weird & Easy Ways to Run a Greener Business

Look at your office supplies

If you plan to run a greener business and to lessen your environmental impact, to start off with, it is worth appointing a member of staff to manage the stationery cupboard to make sure that you are not running out of equipment too quickly.

If you are, you need to question why this is the case. It is also important to keep track of how much you are recycling, as well as working out whether or not there are any improvements you can make. And you can start taking steps to make your office ‘paperless’ by implementing a strict ‘only print when necessary’ policy.

Make sure you recycle and reuse your furniture

So much office furniture and equipment is already sent to the landfill on a daily basis that there is no need for you to become a part of this problem as well. So, before you invest in any new furniture, it is worth asking whether you really need it or not.

If you are aiming to run a greener business then there may be some ways of updating or upcycling some older pieces which you have already. Otherwise, you may find that there are some great options in the second-hand market. As well as being less expensive than buying new, this is also the more environmentally-friendly option.

Check out your energy use

The trend towards renewable energy is one which continues for businesses of all kind. So, it is worth contacting a company like Supacentre if you are thinking of jumping on this yourself. Wind and solar power, in particular, are starting to get to the stage when they are cost-competitive with fossil fuels.

Whether you choose to invest in this technology or not, the least you could do is to make cutbacks to your energy usage. Making sure that all your employees turn off all electrical equipment when they leave for the day is a great starting point.

Look at your computers, programs and other accessories

If you are planning to recycle the old computers and accessories that your business is done using, there are several ways that you can do so. First of all, you can ask the vendor if they are willing to buy back your old products. You can also check for any e-waste recycling programs which are located nearby to you.

Implementing these suggestions and more will help your business in promoting an environmentally friendly future. While these may seem like small steps, each one will add up to making a big impression on the environment, as well as the reputation of your business as being forward-thinking and caring.

Weird & Easy Ways to Run a Greener Business
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Weird & Easy Ways to Run a Greener Business
There are many ways you never thought of that you can run a greener business. Some are weird and easy! Did you think of these?
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