How to Fast Track Your Way Up the Corporate Ladder

How to fast track your way up the corporate ladder

Where are you on the corporate ladder? Are you up the top – or still climbing? Ask yourself a few questions – Are you happy at work? Are you fulfilled? Do you have a sense of purpose with your work? Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

One of the reasons that many people get negative answers to those questions is because of dissatisfaction with where they are on the corporate ladder – or their workplace’s “pecking order”. Being disinterested or even bored of your job is a motivation killer, and if this happens to you – often the prospect of coming into work each day is a chore.

The good news is that there are a couple of ways around this. The first is to opt for a career change, moving into a job that is going to improve your mood rather than reduce it. The other option is to get a promotion and to climb the corporate ladder – moving into a position that better suits where you are in your profession. If the reason you’re so dissatisfied is because you’re “bored” – a step up the corporate ladder will give you a fresh challenge (and more money) in your current workplace.

Fast track your journey on the corporate ladder, here’s how:

If a career change isn’t high on your agenda, but the thought of promotion is, here are some simple ways to help you fast-track your way up the corporate ladder.

How to Fast Track Your Way Up the Corporate Ladder

#1: Make sure you never stop learning

You may be good at your job, but you should always keep learning. If you’re low on the career ladder, consider apprenticeships & traineeships to prepare you for better positions in the future. If you are already secured in a position within a company, consider taking a management degree or a business course online to improve your chances of being accepted into a higher role.

#2: Always have a professional attitude

You won’t get anywhere if you turn up for work late each day, constantly hand in work after deadlines have passed, and take ‘sick’ days when you just can’t be bothered to turn in. Instead, show your boss respect by being diligent and punctual in all you do. If you make an effort to impress, you are more likely to be given priority when a promotion is on the table for somebody in your workplace.

#3: Show initiative

If you’re always at your boss’s door asking what you should do next, you are going to become a nuisance. Provided you aren’t making any major decisions that could bring down the company, show initiative without being told what to do. If a job needs doing, do it. If something is below your pay grade – such as cleaning the loos – do it, provided you have the time. If you see an opportunity to advance the company you work for, grab it while you can. Showing initiative will show your boss you’re a self-starter, somebody able to make decisions, and who cares for the company you work for.

#4: Get a mentor

It may be somebody within the company you work for or somebody with skill and experience outside your workplace. Whatever the case, find somebody who can help you navigate the career ladder with ease. This is the person who will advise you on who to speak to as you bid to climb higher, help you brush up on your professional attitude at work, and show you how they climbed the corporate ladder based on their experience. We all need a mentor to improve in life, and there is bound to be somebody you know to help you.

#5: Talk to your boss

A wallflower isn’t going to climb far up the corporate ladder, so don’t be afraid about speaking to your boss. Provided you have the skills and experience needed for the higher position, having the confidence to directly speak to your boss may impress them. They may have never considered you for the position before, especially if you work in a large team, so you will be bringing yourself to the forefront of their mind by your boldness. Of course, they may so no, but if that’s the case, continue working diligently without complaint, and hopefully they will eventually see your worth to the company.

The corporate ladder can be climbed – success is on the way

You are worth it – remember that. Everyone deserves a career that makes them feel fulfilled and happy – and often this is just within reach. Your mentors will wish you every success as you go, and if you do make it to the top, be sure to help us little people down at the bottom of the ladder.

How to Fast Track Your Way Up the Corporate Ladder
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How to Fast Track Your Way Up the Corporate Ladder
Climbing the corporate ladder might seem hard but by using your motivation and mentor it is possible to gain a promotion this year.
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