Cat Dream Meaning: What is The Meaning of Cats in Your Dream?

Last night I had a cat dream. I dreamed that I was a household pussy cat (an orange one) and I was in a lion enclosure. I soon realised that I was smaller than the other felines and I began hissing. They had me in a corner and the lions were roaring at me and all I could do was hiss back. The meaning of cats in your dream can be very significant, cats are a very common dream symbol.

Cat Dreams May Indicate Feminine Energy

“Cats have traditionally been viewed as having feminine energy & Goddess energy,” says Wise Women Red Tent blog. “One has to figure cats out. Just when you think you have them “figured,” they do something to prove you have not!”

Some writers on the web suggest that men are like dogs and women are like cats, from an esoteric, symbolic perspective, that is. “Cats are manipulative, prodigal creatures that only want you when they want you. Try picking up a cat at any time, and see how it will scratch you. A cat’s affection for you is essentially an act of investment on its end.” A dream of a cat might mean you need to focus on unleashing your feminine qualities – even if you’re a man.

The White Cat, 1912, Franz Marc. German Expressionist Painter (1880 – 1916)

Dreaming of a Cat Might Mean “Cattiness”

The cat in my dream was definitely being “catty” but it’s because she was under threat. Cats can often “punch above their weight” and scare off larger animals just through sheer determination and by “looking fierce”. Check out this video of a cat scaring off a bear – one that’s probably 30 times its size!

If you feel that someone has been “catty” to you lately, or that you have been a bit “catty” yourself, then a hissing cat might appear in your dream as a symbol of this.

A Cat Dream Symbol Might Indicate Mysteriousness & Intrigue

A fact that many people know is that cats were revered and worshiped in Ancient Egypt. “Perhaps the earliest feline Egyptian goddess recorded was called Mafdet. and is described in the Pyramid Texts as killing a serpent with her claws,” according to the Cat Museum of San Francisco’s website. “The ancient Egyptians held cats in the highest esteem, the penalties for injuring or killing a cat were severe. They worshipped a Cat Goddess, often represented as half feline, half woman, whom they called Bastet.”

Cats sleep for up to 16 hours a day and often behave in ways that we as humans find odd, strange or curious. Seeing a cat in your dream might mean that these are themes you need to explore; what has been causing you intrigue lately? What in your life is “mysterious” that you might need to meditate on?

Are You a Cat Owner?

Remember that no one can truly interpret your cat dream apart from you. The symbols in our dreams take on different meanings depending on how we feel about certain things. For example, if you are afraid of dogs because you were bitten as a child versus if you are a dog lover who has three pets at home. If you have had a dream of a cat, consider how you would feel about cats in your waking life and explore this theme in your meditation.

What If I Can’t Remember My Dreams?

No problem! I would say with some certainty that no one remembers their dreams every night but with some practice and preparation you can start to set things in place that will allow you to remember your dreams more often – even if you just get snatches of them. Sometimes our Guides show us snippets of the most important elements of our dreams right before waking, so we have more chance of remembering them.

If you have trouble remembering your dreams, check out my post How to remember your dreams. In short, here are a few basic tips to get started:

  1. Keep a dream diary
  2. Abstain from drugs and alcohol
  3. Have a positive attitude
  4. Get regular sleep
  5. Read books on dreaming

I also do free Dream Analysis on this website, click here for details. I ask for a $US5 donation to the running costs of this website (optional) but get in contact with me and tell me your dream and we can work on the symbology together. Sweet dreams!

Cat Dream Meaning | The Meaning of Cats in Your Dream
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Cat Dream Meaning | The Meaning of Cats in Your Dream
Explore your cat dream meaning & uncover the hidden symbols of a cat in your dream. Should you explore your feminine energy or is someone being “catty”?
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