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Introduction of Facebook’s 360-Photo Feature

You can now upload and view 360-degree photos on Facebook. This comes after the announcement to launch the 360 photos on the Facebook news feed. Most users have welcomed this latest update since it does not require any special features; Facebook has made this feature fairly accessible where you can use your iOS or Android devices to capture and view 360 photos.

360 Photos Launch

On June 9, 2016, Facebook proved that it is still the king of innovation as far as VR content and social media goes. After a successful launch of the 360 videos in 2015, the 360 photos were rolled out on various platforms. This interesting feature allows all users to share 360 photos with their friends. Viewers can experience a true panoramic view once the 360 photos have been uploaded. Facebook has put in place mechanisms to identify 360 content and this makes it easier to process them, and present them in an interactive 360 viewer. Is your iPhone a trap? 

On the said day, Mark Zuckerberg made the announcement that Facebook was rolling out 360 photos which was developed using a similar concept as the 360 videos. He reported that you can now tilt your phone and get the feeling like you are actually at the scene where the photos are being taken. He also added that you can take a look at the photos in virtual reality and get a captivating viewer experience. Upon this announcement, most viewers were curious and Mark’s announcement went viral. It was shared 249,608 times and got about 1 million likes in just 5 days.

Great Milestone on Social Media

Andy Haung, Facebook’s product manager said that this is an improvement to the ordinary photos shared on social networks. Facebook 360 pictures allow immersive viewership of the photographer’s environment. All Facebook users can easily share 360 photos for the very first time ever. This is a technology that seems to be heading in the right direction and will certainly improve user engagement across multiple platforms.

The Process is Easy

While this appears to be advanced technology, the process has been simplified. Simply take photos using a VR camera or a spherical camera and upload it like any other image. Facebook will then convert the images uploaded to be viewed in 360 degrees. Once the photo is published it will have a compass icon on the right hand side, which indicates that it is a 360 photo. You can drag or click on the image so as to explore the various angles from the photographer’s standpoint. Moving your phone will also allow you to explore the 360-degree photo.

Share your 360 Photos

If you have a compatible Samsung phone, you can easily use the virtual reality feature that is provided by Facebook. Haung says that Facebook does not have the capacity to capture 360 photos, still it will support them. He recommends using a 360 photo app or a 360 camera to take the photos. All Facebook users now have the opportunity to share moments in 360 degrees. This is a big plus for publishers, event organizers, social marketers, family, friends and organizations among others. This is bound to trigger creativity within users, which will then flood your newsfeed with all sorts of fascinating 360 photos on Facebook. The infographic below provides further details on this phenomenal feature by Facebook.



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