Meaning of the Blood Moon in Libra – October 8th, 2014: part of a series of eclipses

This is the second lunar eclipse of the year. The first was in April. Think back to April or go back to your diary and see what was going on for you at that time. The emotions surrounding this eclipse will be part of the same process.

Your relationships with others are in focus at this time

There will be a focus on relationships, as Libra is the planet of partnerships and balance. You may find that things are slightly out of balance right now.

Think to yourself: who is most important to me now? Is it your lover? Your business partner? Who are you yearning for a deeper, better or more fulfilling connection with? Who is in your mind right now?

Imagine this person in your minds’ eye. See their eyes before yours. What colour are they? What do you see in this person’s eyes when you imagine them? Are they laughing? Are they loving? Are they confused? Do you struggle to see the details of their eyes?

You have experienced eclipses before: Think back to April 2014

Geek website points out that eclipses often come in series. They say, “The second in a series of four eclipses known as a tetrad. The upcoming eclipse is expected to be a deep red, which is being referred to around the internet as a blood moon.”

The end of times

Yes, back in the day, a Blood Moon was a sign of the end of days, as The Book of Joel suggests. From Wikipedia: “the sun will turn into darkness, and the moon into blood, before the great and terrible day of the Lord comes.” This phrase is again mentioned by Saint Peter during Pentecost, as recorded in Acts.

The Book of Joel is not always a cheery place to be: Red this from Joel 2:2

  • a day of darkness and gloom,
  • a day of clouds and blackness.
  • Like dawn spreading across the mountains
  • a large and mighty army comes,
  • such as never was in ancient times
  • nor ever will be in ages to come.

However, I really do not think this Blood Moon is anything to worry about. Within each of us is an army, waiting to fight. The darkness we see hides things for a time, but then all is revealed again and made fresh.

Your life could be about to change suddenly

Eclipses are a time when your life is cleansed of things. This can often be very painful. I have personally felt the effects of recent eclipses and moons quite strongly. They caused me enormous pain but it was all worth it – worth it! I have had people suddenly exit my life – shocking to me and soul destroying – but thank you, oh universe, for everything you’ve done for me.

Transforming yourself anew

Through meditation this time around I have also been given access to a new part of myself. Although we see ourselves as fixed, I have come to believe that this is not so. We can actually transform. We can go from being one thing to another. I have been reading about the process of Alchemy and how plants can turn into rocks. Then rocks can be made into plants again – and can even be eaten. This is done via a chemical process.

As humans, we can also transform ourselves. At this point, I struggle to transform my energies. I can transform frustration to action, I can transform hatred to compassion. We have vast powers that we can use and harness to change our lives. It’s not easy, however.

From NY Mag:

“Because the eclipse is well aspected by the benevolent planets and there is an abundance of celestial power with harmonious Libra, peace may come. Mercury is the night time ruler of Libra and will have a positive influence on all communication.” They also say that to make the most of this, “Patience and hope are necessary.”

The Mag says that this moon has elements of the hunter, of battle, of armies. I say “harness these energies!” turn the hunter inside you on and let him or her hunt down the things you truly crave. Imagine yourself as a wild creature, one that uses its intuition to find what it desires – using senses you may have ignored in the past.

Is there a death on the cards? speaks of loss and of death – but remember that there really is no death. Death itself is just a transformation from one form to another. So if you can ‘transform’ yourself – this may be the ‘death’ that the eclipse brings you. Do not fear death – there is no real death – only another chance at a different plane of existence.

“Wednesday’s eclipse occurs in your Eighth House of death, loss and letting go,” says This is how the cycle goes: as decay progresses, matter releases its energy to be reincarnated as another form.”

It is time to be bold and brave.

Unleash you inner hunter and inner army. From Planetwaves, “Uranus and Aries both share the attribute of knowing how to be bold, daring and show up as themselves.”

Turn your focus inward and they say, “the discussion of how you stand in your personal power while in a relationship (and) knowing what you want and what you value is important to building and growing relationships that meet both individuals’ needs.”

It is time to reinvent. Allow this Blood Libra Moon to wash over you and do not fight it. If you feel overwhelmed, then it’s working. Be brave, be bold and transform yourself anew.

You are more powerful than you think.

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