How do I gain a Spiritual Awakening in this lifetime?

Ultimately, the feeling of “being me” changes.

It’s true. I had a lovely email from Julian Besems, a webmaster, the other day, telling me about

Lots of us wonder what we were put here on the earth to do. With a bit of study – the answer becomes clear. We were put on earth to learn lessons and work though our karma – so that we can raise our energy and vibrations to higher levels.

Awakening is the goal. And the path is long.

Observing our world, we can see that different things have different energies. “Not all the spiritual awakenings are the same,” says Preshanna. “A few come in several smaller stages generally separated by years.”

Your humanly life has a purpose. You have a value and goals. You have missions that you must fulfil and there may be rules to obey. Often, people think that there are no rules, or that we progress only in an upwards direction. There are many Spiritual Laws and we can fall just as we can rise.

It is your job to Seek out new information. The next steps on the path will be revealed to you. You must improve your energy and you must work hard. There are parts of you that exist on other dimensions and what you see and know of yourself is only the very start.

The further down the path you get, the more conscious you will become of the “you” that we’re taught about on this earthly plain is an incomplete picture. You will get to know the other parts of your being through meditation and awareness.

The “you” you see in the mirror is really just a point on the map. There is more to you than you can see and experience on this plane. Most of us believe in the concept of a soul – but perhaps the picture is more complex than that.

So – if you desire to be awakened then really, that’s a good place to start. You won’t know today if you will get there or not. All you can do is begin your search.

Start your journey and see where the path takes you. Read everything you can get your hands on. Experience things for yourself. Don’t take anyone’s words as gospel truth – prove things to yourself.

As you mediate and advance – your Guides will help you. You will be sent messages of assistance. They will be with you all the way.

There are many times you will feel stuck – like the world is against you. That will be normal. The path is not always fun. Often it is harsh and feels unfair. You may feel persecuted, hated, under threat. But you will keep going because there is nothing else to do.

Seek the answers you are looking for. The answers to your questions are out there. You are entitled to ask them – you will be shown information that at this stage – you would never believe.

There is nothing else to do. This is the work. Everything else is there to assist you on your path – your family, your job, your body – all of these things are your tools – they will help you experience this Earthly plane and discover what you are here to learn.

And there is more out there. If you have questions – you owe it to yourself to find the answers. Don’t get blocked by hatred or bad past experiences.

When you need help – ask for it – and it will be given to you.

Be strong. Be very strong. And when you’re strong – aim to get stronger. Be soft with yourself when you are feeling weak. Nurture your inner child. Treat yourself nicely. Give yourself respect and love. Treat yourself like a friend. Believe in yourself.


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