Death of the hipster – 10 essential things for hipster guys and girls to do before it’s too late

Yes, the hipster is on his or her way out. The Boyf is totes hipster at the moment, sporting a giant beard which drives all the girls crazy (me included). Quite frankly, if you’re a guy at the moment and you don’t have a big, bushy beard, you’re on the “out”. I have blogged before about how attractive I find big beards and facial hair in general. I am not alone. There are multiple studies that show women all over the world turn to jelly when kissing a bearded man.

But women can’t grow beards and we all aspire to be hipster too. Here are the top 10 things for men and for women who want to be hipsters – while being a hipster is still cool. Set your clocks folks – the hipster is dying fast.

For the hipster guys:

  1. The “man bun” – grow your hair long and tie it in a little bun.
  2. The big beard – show the world how manly you really are.
  3. Mirrored sunglasses – reflect on the world in a hassle-free way.
  4. Teddy Boy shave – if you’ve got the hair, shave of part of it.
  5. Tatts – if you don’t have a sleeve yet – what have you been doing with your life?
  6. Tennis shoes – no flashy sports shoes anymore, your footwear must be simple and well worn-in.
  7. Checks – you must have at least one checked shirt, the more ‘red neck’ the better
  8. Craft – yup, there are lots of guys that craft now – woodwork, knitting, looming – get into it!
  9. Jewellery – yes, OK you can wear it now – just make sure it’s chunky and leather (or wood!)
  10. Makeup – it’s a trend I do not like, but everyone is doing it – for now!
Make sure your shoes aren’t too flashy or fancy

For the hipster gals:

  1. Balayage – ugh this trend is still with us and refuses to dye. Probably because it’s easier to maintain.
  2. Baggy clothes – do not try to look too sexy. Keep it baggy and keep your hipster cred.
  3. Headphones – you must wear these at all times, on the bus, at work and especially at family gatherings.
  4. Micro shorts – even in winter, even if you’re ‘large’ –  pop some short shorts on for maximum impact!
  5. Shaved hair – looks ugly and you’ll regret it – but do it now as the trend is on the way out.
  6. Multiple tattoos – for girls as well. Common hipster places for tatts are wrists, knuckles, earlobes and lips.
  7. Beanies – if your man hasn’t made you one yet, buy one, but that’s less hipster. Good luck.
  8. Boots – best if they’re Doc Martin but anything ugly and chunky will do. Avoid 16 holes or you’ll take ages to get dressed.
  9. Tights – printed, slashed, ripped and patterned, you must be wearing tights this season.
  10. Attitude – you are not a hipster if you think you are. Go back to the start and try again.
Beanies and balayage for chicks is the hipster dress code

Is the hipster nearly dead? 

So, there you have it. My take on hipster-ism for the last part of the year. What have I left out? Do you find my summary a good representation of hipster-ism? Please take the time to leave a comment!

Photo credit: James and Lara Verheugen Official – many thanks


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