5 best women bloggers for inspirational advice

Penelope Trunk

An entrepreneur and start-up queen, Penelope started several successful blogs. Her current self-titled blog gets over 150 000 page views a month and influences people all over the world. Penelope used to be a highflying corporate in New York, now she lives the simple life on a farm in Wisconsin where she still scopes out business ideas and chases funding from investors.

She has Asperger’s Syndrome which means that she has self-proclaimed poor social skills. She simply tells it like it is. For awesome career advice, stuff on relationships, blogging, Gen Y and start-ups, Penelope is the go-to queen.

Top post pick: How to pick a career you’ll like


Jezebel is a feminist blog which showcases women’s issues. It carries the tagline “Celebrity, Sex, Fashion for women” and is owned by Gawker Media. A great news site, it has been responsible for breaking many stories and it first made the news when it featured a touched-up photo of Faith Hill that Jezebel had identified had been altered in 11 different ways.

It’s a site where you’ll find news, opinions, rants and so much more. The writing style is free and fresh, and the quality is sound. Surf the articles to gain a perspective on the stories that are making a difference to women’s lives today. The content may surprise you! Love blogging? You can submit a story on a feminist theme.

Top post pick: Who’s the Best, Most Badass Witch in All of Pop Culture?

Brazen Life

A spunky Gen Y site, this is a collection of all the career advice stories you’d ever want to find. It’s a tool for the modern millennials; no stuffy, outdated advice or tell-you-what tones. Browse these articles to find info on how to use social media to get a job, how to start a start up, how to freelance and how to brush up your resume.

Again, this site takes submissions, so if you feel you have something to share, you can send it across and get your name online. Make sure you follow the format and come up with a great title to make your story stand out!

Top post pick: Passion vs. Profit: Ladies, It’s Time to Get What You’re Worth Today

Oh She Glows

Technically, this is a food blog, but Angela Liddon is one of the coolest entrepreneurs around. She created her great site after suffering from an eating disorder and embarked on a healthy way of eating that includes an all vegan diet and lots of running and exercise. She takes all her photos herself and makes the most wonderful, delicious creations.

Follow this blog for advice on healthy eating, nurturing your spirit, exercise tips and delicious meat-free recipes. Her writing style is fresh, fun and quirky and she doesn’t take herself too seriously either. She now runs an online vegan bakery.

Top post pick: No Meat Athlete + Buffalo Hummus Recipe


Feministing’s Community blog has been created to provide a platform for feminist and pro-feminist writing. The idea is that women and men can connect together both online and off, and to encourage more feminist activism. On the blog, you’ll find a daily ‘cheat sheet’ of all the feminist issues going on in the world today.

On the site, you’ll find funny stories from many writers and topics range from the serious to the light-and-fluffy. They even have a ‘take action’ section where you can get involved in online and offline community projects.

Top post pick: Facebook chat on the media’s representation of the female body


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